Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The burn..

That's me on the right. Yeah, yeah, yeah... That skinny chick on the left is the one who spent an hour last night telling me all about dietary fat. That was after she spent some quality one-on-one time wringing her hands over my single sausage patty that I have once a week. Later on in the evening, she hauled out a bunch of fat filled test tubes and held them up so the class could check them out. Three test tubes = one big hamburger from a major fast food place. Yeah, I'm sure you can figure out which one. After that the evening went down hill.

So my assignment this two weeks is to add ten minutes of physical activity to my day--every day. That might not sound like much, but it means that I'll have to get dressed everyday. Since I usually don't get dressed (why get clean clothes dirty when I'm not going anywhere?), that will mean that I will a) have to get dressed and b) have more laundry. You all know how I feel about laundry. Need I say more? I guess not.

My sugar has improved. Seventy-five percent of the time, I'm on target with my blood sugar numbers. When I'm not, it's because I cheated and ate the cheesecake. The trouble with cheating while checking your blood sugar is that you can't fake it out. The numbers do not lie! Heh. And now we have to have a blood test called an A1C. This test is the average of your blood sugar numbers for the previous three months. So they get you coming and going.

Moving on to other stuff. I spent three hours the other night researching compost toilets. Very interesting stuff. Did you know that they're very big in Sweden? Neither did I. But then, I didn't realized how the technology has changed and spread. There are companies that deliver and install the entire set-up--including a nice little hut. I can just see it now--I could order one and have it set up on the apartment lawn. Yep. I'm sure the management would understand when I explain that I'm trying to save water.

I also checked out how to make a spear. Just in case I need to defend myself when the apartment management send the custodians to tear down my compost toilet.

My new foray is to search out herbal substitutes for soap and shampoo. Oh, yeah, I also need cooking oil. I believe I can do that with sunflowers, but I'll need to check that out, just to make sure. I read on one site that you "press" the flowers to extract oil. Now I used to raise sunflowers and believe me, it's gonna take a lot of sunflowers to produce much oil. Did you know that even though sunflowers are a native American plant, that it wasn't until the Russians started raising it for oil that the American farmers started planting it? Up until then, it was just planted as a decorative plant in the garden.

Well, I've run out of fun facts so I guess I'll close this for now. Blessings on your day!



  1. Ah, now I understand why your Tuesday was expected to be worse than your Monday.

    A suggestion for your physical activity - hike the steps inside your apartment building. You don't have to get dressed for real to do that and steps are really good exercise.

  2. I was going to make the exact same recommendation about the stairs. There are also plenty of fairly mild exercises that can be done without leaving your apartment. Check out know they have some little 10-minute workouts.

    It's probably the sunflower seeds that get pressed for oil. There's also corn oil (maize oil?). Or butter. Bacon fat. I think straight cooking oil might be a relatively recent thing. In olden days, frying would most likely have been done in rendered animal fat. Pressing vegetables for oil isn't a very efficient use of nutrients. (Except for olives, of course, but they're pretty oily things to start with and don't have a lot of nutritional value in and of themselves)

  3. Yeah; I was going to suggest the stairs too:)

    Throw on a sweater and walk a few laps around the building??

    Yay for your A1C's:)

  4. You have to get DRESSED???? Bummer. I'd be upset about that for sure. My favorite daily outfit is jammies. And isn't it always the case that a skinny, young thing gets to lecture you about what and what not to eat???

  5. You could recycle your workout clothes. Get dressed, exercise, change back into pjs and do the same the next day. Then you only have ONE outfit added to your wash. Or you could do it lllllate at night when everyone else is asleep and be the creepy lady who wanders the hallways and moans. Bring chains to rattle though. Added effect plus the bonus of work out weights!

  6. Yes, animal fat would have been the primary cooking oil before George Washington Carver pressed the peanut. And stairs can be awfully hard on the knees. Any place you could fit one of those fold-up stationary bikes. bThat you could use IN the apartment.

  7. I love the research aspect of writing. I'm am relentlessly teased by the SO for researching the restrooms in the business class of British Airways so I could figure out exactly what positioning was necessary to have an intimate encounter in one.

    I'd suggest an eliptical walker. You could put it in the apartment. They are much kinder to your joints than treadmills or simple walking. I used to have one that I loved. I lost 70lbs using it. (I used to be what most people would call ginormous--now I'm just really big.) I even did it barefoot and you wouldn't have to get dressed.