Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pretty Pictures

The cover gods at Ellora's Cave have blessed me with two gorgeous covers. I wonder if they like chocolate? Anyway, Magnolia--the one above is going to be released 12/12/2008. It's the fourth book in the Flowers of Camelot series. And Love Never-Ending--the one below will be released sometime after the new year. It's the fifth book in the Mystic Valley series!

Makes me wonder what the wonderful artists will do with the next one. My current work in progress is a time-travel/suspense/mystery. My hero and heroine are in a plane crash that apparently carried them back in time to 500 BCE. They have quite a few difficulties to face, especially as they realize that no one is coming to their rescue!

I have to say that writing this book has been an adventure all by itself. It's amazing what you can learn when you start investigating. So far, I've learned about solar power, harvesting food from the wild, native plants, native animals, primitive building techniques, medical superglue, squash, acorns, snares and traps, basket weaving, solar cooking, and primitive gardening.

By comparison, my other work in progress is a piece of cake. It's a relatively short story that takes place in Mystic Valley. At least I know the answers to all the questions there... and if I don't, I have the luxury of making them up!

I just want to say that writers of historicals have my deepest admiration!



  1. Anny both covers are nice but I LOVE Magnolia. Absolutely wondrous.

  2. Hmm...still four or more months away? Good; this gives me time to read Daffodil:) I'm finally catching up with you!

    Love both covers:)

  3. Very beautiful covers, Anny! Ahhhh RESEARCH!!! It's an awful lot of work but I know you love it.

  4. yummy covers for undoubtedly yummy books. YAY.

  5. I've learned so much doing research for my books. Great covers, in particular the one with the unicorn.

  6. Ah so that's what the solar oven was for.