Saturday, September 20, 2008


Ahhh, yes! I did laundry last night. Three hours at the laundromat. Washers were not working quite right, nor were the dryers so I have damp laundry, but hey! I'm done until next time. Why doesn't someone invent a new way to deal with cleaning the clothes?

It occurred to me that laundry is pretty much same-old, same-old for millennium. We wet the clothes, agitate them in some manner, wring out the water, and dry them--whether we use the good old hang 'em in the air method or a dryer. The cave ladies were doing laundry the same way. That's just sad.

So why hasn't someone invented a new way to deal with laundry? Back in the sixties, paper clothes were all the rage. They were touted as the wave of the future. Of course, they didn't go very far, except for those freaking paper gowns at the doctor's office.

Why not take all the plastic bottles, bags, etc. and make them into clothes? They wouldn't end up in the land fills because they would all be sitting in the closets with the other clothes that no one can bear to get rid of. I bet they wouldn't fade as bad as the stuff we have now. Waterproof, drip dry, maybe we could even just clean them in the shower while we clean the rest of us. Dual use of the water that way.

Can you tell that I'm laundried out for now? Yeah, you probably can. But I would like to hear any ideas y'all have for kicking the laundry into the twenty-first century.



  1. I did laundry this morning - and yeah - I'm a cavewoman as I still hang it out to dry. But it's a huge drag on time but there is no alternative. It's as simple as that

  2. Tatoo light, skimpy clothes on as children. Add to it as we age so we essentially run around naked our whole lives. Too cold? I suspect so as I also suspect your plastic clothes would be too hot.

  3. I've been doing the laundry today too, it never seems to end.

    I suppose someday there'll be a robot to do it for us or someone will invent self-cleaning clothes maybe? Wishful thinking.

  4. Boy would I love an easier way to do laundry. I guess our way beats the ancient wringer my grandma had in her basement. Still, like Ms. Jones says, it's a drag.

  5. Laundry has gotten easier now that one kid is gone and the other is older. Still hate it but not as much as other chores. Changing sheets....HATE THAT. Don't know how people make it without a washer and dryer though. Soooo difficult.