Friday, September 5, 2008

Recapture the Dream

In the past few weeks I've sensed a... lull in the dream department. Fellow writers that were hyped and enthusiastic six months ago are considering moving on to something else. They're discouraged and down in the dumps.

I admit that it's hard to stay on task and focused when things aren't going so well on the home front or personal front or even on the professional front. Depression sets in. Hopelessness follows. And then it becomes more difficult to write. There is the tendency to think, what's the use? Nobody wants to read my books anyway.

So today, I want to launch a Recapture the Dream day. There is no dream too big. I want you to tell us what your dream is. Think big. Dream big. Be extravagant. It can be a professional dream or a personal dream. Whatever it is, make sure that it's really something important to you. Because... the second part is just as important. Tell us one step you are taking--or promise to take--to realize your dream. It can be a small step. It can be hard or not so hard. But every journey to our dreams begins with one step. So what's your first step toward your dream?

My dream is a personal dream. I want to lose fifty pounds. It's very important to me because it would mean the difference between life and death. I suppose you could say that's quite a bit of motivation, but just like everyone else, it's easy to get discouraged when that scale doesn't move!

So my step is to work on keeping my blood sugar below 120. It's tough. It means that I have to eat on a regular schedule--something I haven't done in twenty-five years. It means that I have to measure every blasted thing I stick in my mouth. It means that I have to remember to take the stupid pills! Just explaining that this is going to take some work. However, our secret dreams are worth a little bit of work--right?

That's my dream. I'll be checking back in with y'all every so often and asking how you're doing. In the meantime, share your dream and how you're going to start attaining it.



  1. Great topic, Anny.

    I, too, have the weight loss dream for health concerns (as well as looking better). I'd like to lose 75 pounds. Plus my husband has some of the same health concerns as you described. It's good for both of us so next week we actually begin WW.

    But an even bigger BIG dream for me is to be able to quit the day job and write full time. It's what I've always wanted to do. I'm not sure realistically it is obtainable.

  2. Discouraged? Down in the dumps? Not me. Maybe other writers. Dreams? I like reality. It's a trip in itself

  3. Ultimate Dream: To be a successful author.

    Step toward: Sending out more queries, working with critique partners to send out my best work, and attending conferences and workshops.

    Additional baby step: Applying for an artistic grant that will allow help with conferences and workshops.

    Right now, HOPE is starting to teeter, but I'm trying to remain optimistic about my final 4 signings, and that sales will boost it back up.

  4. To write and sell in such a way as to be self-supporting, regardless of what else may happen in my life. Peace of mind.

    Step: Moving into Inspirational. For one, it pays better, and two I could stop having to defend myself all the time.

  5. I have two dreams: I alsow ant to lose fifty pounds, which may take at this point in my life more discipline that I hav but I'm going to make a strong effort to do it. Second is to finally sell the first novel I ever wrote. It's not even a romance per se but it's a cute story that aooarently nobody but me thinks is cute! LOL! But I'm not giving up.

  6. anny, Love the doggie with the bone! Thinking positive as much as possible helps for me. Writing full time would be my big dream. Never give up, never surrender. All best, Kathy

  7. Hmm. My biggest dream is to be able to completely support myself through my writing. We never know what is around the corner. My most attainable goal is to be healthier. Lose some weight and QUIT SMOKING. It will kill me if I continue. Now, I'm keeping little mints and things near my computer (gum too)hoping it will help me kick this habit.

  8. Dream, get out of here before this place sucks the life out of me.

    Start, gave up playing on Amazon. No more oh I'll just get one more...27 times a week.

  9. "I have a dream." Those words of Martin Luther King and the rest of his speech are spine tingling. My dreams aren't big. Write every day. Read e-mail after I have done my day's work!!! Reading e-mails sucks up my creative energy. Dropping in our blogs is lovely and all that, but it takes times when I should be doing something brilliant!!! Anny, good luck with your weight loss, so important for your health and a long life. I'm sending you a hug! HUG.