Sunday, September 7, 2008

Never-Ending TV

As I've mentioned more than once, I don't watch television. I don't have some moral objection to television. It just seems a major waste of time. The other night, my granddaughter called me to tell me that Josh Groban was singing on television. So I dutifully went into the bedroom where our television lives (so that that house hunk can watch football during the season) and turned on the TV. And waited. And waited. Finally caught Mr. Josh singing for perhaps two minutes. This was after watching a telethon for cancer for about forty minutes. Ack.

Again, it's not that I have a moral objection to telethons. I just don't want to watch one. Anyway, I wandered away and went back to my very important occupation of making beaded hair piks. So I suppose you're wondering what I'm waffling on about. It's about the lack of quality television. Cable was supposed to open our homes to the wonders of quality television programming. Not so. Now we have a hundred channels of reruns.

Oh, I know. Whenever I go to my daughter's house, the television seems to run non-stop. And you can flick through the channels every hour, looking for quality programming only to find yourself stuck with cartoons, CSI reruns, cooking shows, gardening shows, decorating shows, sports of an infinite variety, and British soap operas.

When we moved here, the cable cost was beyond our budget. Without cable we are able to receive about four channels. Three of them have snow from interference. By the time we could afford cable, I had long since succumbed to boredom and found something else to do with my time. And I no longer have a desire to watch television. Because let's face it. One hundred channels still didn't do the trick.



  1. I seldom watch anything but the political/news shows but tonight I DID watch a cool vampire thing on HBO called TRUEBLOOD. All set in Louisianna cajun country and WOW, I was impressed when I haven't been impressed in a long time. THis was seriously good.

  2. I only watch certain shows on TV - news being the top of the list. Most of it is repeats and cable doesn't seem much better

  3. I had free movie channels this weekend. Since it was raining so hard Saturday I actually looked. What did I find? 10 more channels of nothing to watch.

  4. Ours is off most of the time except at night. Then it's almost background noise to the typing. Yeah there are shows we watch too, but with 70 channels, none of it appeals much.

  5. I avoid the news, watch some comedy, some SF, and some science/history stuff. Had old Hogan's Heroes reruns on while I was typing last week, and that's when I finally got my story finished.

  6. I watch certain shows and enjoy some sports, but I will agree that the quality of programming is gone to the dogs. (No offense intended to the canine species.)

    Every good show gets pushed to a specialty station or gets cancelled. I cannot afford, and will not pay, for any more stations. If it wasn't for the few shows we did enjoy, I'd cancel it all together.