Monday, September 15, 2008

Hedge Fund

Do you get the idea that retirement might be a thing of the past?



  1. Someone once did a poll and determined that Americans who are currently in their 40's find it more likely that we will meet space aliens within our lifetime than that we will ever receive Social Security. I do think retirement becomes a must eventually, but I think the age of it has been pushed backward to the utmost. We now retire due to failing health more than because we CAN.

  2. People are working longer and longer because who can survive on SS. Most would have a tough time doing that unfortunately.

  3. Hi Anny...sorry I had couldn't stick around for the entire chat last night. When I got home, the home PC had locked up and my kids demanded the laptop. Around 10:30 I logged on and scrolled through the posts...Great excerpts all around!

  4. Oh I want to take the little guy home!!!

    Retirement doesn't appear to be an option for us either. Scott is 47 and not even installed yet. The school wiped out his 401 and other IRAs so we will be starting over again as he hits 49. Fortunately, in his line of work, retirement is not pushed. These guys work until they die and then they provide for the family. Whew.

  5. That's the cutest pic.
    I'm hoping to someday retire but I'm guessing not. Like I could stop writing. My husband will retire from his job as soon as he can. Maybe.