Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lost my marbles...

It's been an interesting three or four days. There have been some pressure jobs to complete. I function well under pressure for a while and I'd forgotten that. But I've finished the jobs and now I'm ready to unwind. Today that means laundry.

I absolutely hate doing laundry, but it requires next to no thought so I'm gonna take a book with me and watch the clothes go 'round and 'round and 'round. When I'm sufficiently unwound, I'll possibly do some other stuff like the dishes that haven't been done for three days (thank goodness for paper plates!) and the food diary that is woefully out of date.

I also have several new reference books on basket weaving that I received today from Amazon. While I don't expect to weave a basket this week, the time travel story I'm reading has some basket weaving in it, so I'll pore over them enough to not make uninformed mistakes like using modern materials or dyes or other stupid stuff like that.

My current search is for instructions to make extremely primitive furniture. Not much luck so far, but I will be happy for any hints. Another search is for instructions to make natural dyes from weeds and herbs. And a third search is for hints on making air dried veggies and fruits. Ah, the joys of research!

Well, that's it for today. Those are my steps to regain my marbles. Hope y'all have a safe place to keep yours!



  1. Weave a grapevine basket. It's more fun than laundry, just as relaxing and also good research. If you use heavy grapevines you can make chairs. But you have to either use live vines that are flexible so they bend or boil them which is a real pain in the butt finding a pot that is big enough. Yep, something I've actually done!

    You can also make twig furniture.

  2. I used to do some of my best writing at the laundromat:)

  3. God I hate laundry!!! My son voluteered yesterday to make it his chore. I jumped all over that. YEEEES!!!

    You should pop off a note to Bronwyn about the dyes. Geez...I just wrote about that in my historical. Duh. I'll send you an email too.

  4. Laudry going on around here too along with all the other home repair work. ARGH. Yeah, take something to read and chill out as much as possible.