Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Assassin's Creed

So I'm tootling around looking at e-mails and stuff and I see this list of "most popular searches today" and lo and behold, number ten was "assassin's creed".

Now I'm a literal minded person so I thought. Hmmm. Assassin's have a creed? What the heck kind of creed would a bunch of assassins have? Maybe like, "don't kill innocent bystanders" or "collateral damage is not acceptable". Or it could maybe be "if possible assassinations should look like an accident" or "don't carry out a mission when children are present".

Anyway, curiosity got the best of me, I admit! So I clicked on "assassin's creed" and... it's a game. Bummer. Who would name a GAME something like that? Apparently, the second version of it is coming out so there are all these posts and forums about the new game. Gah.

That's sort of like searching for information on fairy lore and only finding pages about fairy characters from Dragons and Dungeons type games. I was soooo disappointed.

So I've decided to put together my own ASSASSINS CREED. And I need your help. Put in your suggestions. I'll be drawing one entry at random for a free autographed copy of Carnal Camelot. So make 'em good.



  1. Always wear black and smile in such a way that people are never sure whether to be happy or scared to see you

  2. "Don't Get Caught" and as always, "Make it look like an acceident":)

  3. "One shot, one kill" that's a classic. lol

    Or the "Double-tap!" or "Time to nut up or shut up" from Zombie Land!

    Just love these!

    By the way, Anny, I LOVE the new look of your blog! Gorgeous.


  4. Hmmm....those are some good ones you have already.

    Always blend into your surroundings

    Don't bring attention to yourself

    Always carry a knife. (NCIS - Gibbs rule. lol)

    Keep it simple

    PS...LOVE your books! :X

  5. Try to emulate Sean Connery as much as possible in his role as 007, including sleeping around like an alley cat.

    Always carry a parachute, never know when you might have to jump off a building or cliff.

    Leave the gun, bring the cannoli.

    Blend into the shadows.

    Leave no trace of your presence behind.

    Do not train yourself by watching The Sopranos or The Godfather.

    Hope you enjoy these credos.

    Happy Reading
    Anna Shah Hoque

  6. 1.) Wear fancy gloves
    2.) Find a convenient cement bed, just droopin' on down
    3.) When in doubt...don't do it
    4.) Always be in doubt
    5.) Never leave lipstick stains on your victims
    6.) Never use your own pantyhose for a garrote
    7.) Load your weapon with tampons instead of bullets
    8.) Always leave 'em laughing

  7. LOL!!

    Hmm... there are a lot of very excellent suggestions!

    - Don't eat during a job.
    - Always have a backup plan.
    - Always have a backup to your backup.
    - When in danger or in doubt, run in circles; scream and shout. ;)

    Thanks for the amusing topic, Anny!

  8. Assassin's Creed. Hmmm, slide the manilla envelope with the information on the mark and money under the door:)

  9. How about:

    Never use the same alias twice.
    Someone must die, if it's not your mark-it will be you.

  10. Don't talk about the job...just do it!

  11. I already have Carnal Camelot and your new Resplendence book (*Reading it later today) So don't count me for the contest.

    Assassins Creed:

    1) Only get rid of people who delight in hurting other people.

    2) Never actually kill anyone, set them up to do it to themselves.

    3) Never have a witness, especially a child.

    4) Have three routes of escape and two back up plans.

    5) Never use a gun unless it is in clear provable self defense.

    6) Know who you are working for, and make certain they don't know you.

    7) Never fall in love with anyone involved.

    8) If you break rule #7, its past time to retire.

  12. Have a backup plan that's so good, you want everything else to fail

    ALWAYS silence your pistol

    Shadows, darkness, being prone, ghillies, and fancy gloves are you're best friends

    Have a kick-ass cloak...and a dagger

    Don't hurt the kids

    Collateral Damage is NOT ACCEPTABLE

    Don't be a noob, be pro

    Always be one step ahead

    Have 2 aliases

    Trust no one

    Know your surroundings

    NEVER let love or anything personal get involved in your work

    Have a DMR that can be silenced

    Be able to throw a knife


    ALWAYS work at night

  13. Always strike fear into everyone

    make your target fear you the most right before you kill them, or stab em in the back

    and by the way everyone, AC and ACII are very good games I've beat em both and they were both gripping

    and don't judge a book by it's cover, you all should know that xD

    sweet dreams Altir Ezio will take it from here

    Assassin's Creed rules

    oh ya one more

    Live By The Creed