Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Doll House

When all your belongings are packed up in a storage facility--including your toys--things can get sticky. This last weekend my granddaughter wistfully mentioned her Barbie dollhouse. The next thing I knew, my daughter had an empty cardboard box and she was requesting a craft knife, heavy duty tape and scissors.

Then there were intermittent requests for other items... glue, fabric remnants, yarn, etc. I remembered a box full of craft items I purchased years ago with the intent to create a Christmas village. We dug those out of the closet, discovering with delight that there were long forgotten items such as miniature candle sticks and tiny clay pots.

With a flare of creativity, Mama and the girls decorated their house with repurposed foam furniture, toilet paper "log seats" out by the fire pit on the patio, and an aluminum foil mirror over the couch. The addition of about five dollars worth of doll house odds and ends from the craft store finished off the house.

Since then, the little one has happily played with her dolls in the doll house. Happy and contented--even proud, because she helped create the doll house.
Overall, it beats her last set of toys--one of my pots and the clothes hamper. Amazing how little it takes to entertain kids, isn't it?



  1. That's cute! It is amazing how they entertain themselves. One of Z's current favorite toys is the plastic tub we use as a downstairs toy box. He dumps out the contents, turns it on it's side and crawls in with his toys and listens to the sounds his voice makes as he plays.

  2. Few people can wear a pot on their head as well as your granddaughter can

  3. How cool! And doesn't she look adorable with a pot as a hat! :)

  4. Kids are certainly inventive! Esp with a huge appliance box and an imagination:)

    Love the doll furniture!

  5. Love the dollhouse. It's incredible what we can come up with just around the house to do something like this.