Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sometimes I sits...

Yesterday was one of those days when you would be better off if you just stayed in bed. I didn't do that so I spent a considerable time sitting. On rising at my customary eight..mumble, mumble... and then tossing my morning meds down, I went into my office to peruse my e-mail, etc. while drinking my coffee.

Right then my morning went downhill. Sometime in the wee hours my monitor died. It was beyond resuscitating. So I hauled out my elderly laptop and set it up.

The problem is A) my current works of progress are not on my laptop. The currents files are NOW on a flash drive. B) I'm nearly blind. The transfer from a twenty inch monitor to a twelve inch laptop was not very successful. C) My chubby fingers do not fit well on a laptop keyboard--especially when they're used to a roomy ergonomic keyboard.

So after I answered some e-mails, peered at a few blogs, and played a couple games... I decided to check out a few monitors on the internet. That was fun. I pretended I had money and shopped accordingly. After that, I settled down to the serious job of locating a reasonably priced monitor. I finally settled on a twenty-three inch beauty from BestBuy.

The house hunk called to make sure they had it in stock in the store and when he came home from work, we ALL went to the store--my son-in-law, the grandkids, and us. I looked at a few of the other monitors, the kids played Guitar Hero, I picked up a game I'd been searching for, and we made our way to the checkout counters.

There the house hunk paid up so I now have my birthday--and my Christmas present. On the other hand, I definitely received something I wanted.

I'm still getting used to the monitor. It's somewhat similar to the feeling you get when you put on a brand new pair of glasses. Stuff keeps leaping out at me from the screen. It's also much, much brighter so I feel like I need my sunglasses.

I didn't accomplish much yesterday except some thinking. Mostly, I just sat.



  1. Enjoy the new king-sized monitor. :) I had difficulty getting used to a nineteen inch screen.

  2. And sometimes just sitting is good for the soul. Enjoy the shiny new monitor!

  3. I'm jealous of your twenty three inches!!

  4. Enjoy your new monitor.

    Some days you don't need to accomplish much. Some days it's just good to sit.

  5. I loooove a brand new monitor. You'll really enjoy this.