Monday, November 16, 2009

Doctor's Visit

I can with confidence state that I'm not contagious. No flu, no strep, not even a cold. After a visit to my new doctor--mostly to convince my family that I'm not going to kill them all off with my new virus--I can assure them they're all safe.

First the doctor's visit. It was fabulous. We went to the clinic at 5 PM on Saturday night, prepared to wait a long time. Walked right in. Registered. The nurse, a real cute guy named Chris came right out and took me back for the usual weigh, bp, temp, etc. No temp! BP was good, lost four pounds... all good. Then we went into one of the little exam rooms where he swabbed me for strep and flu--not fun at all--and whisked off to check the results.

After a bit, a very pleasant (also attractive) doctor came in. First thing he said? "You can take off the mask. You're not contagious!" After a few more questions and listening to my lungs, etc., he pronounced me over-all healthy. I have a mild sinus infection and the reason for the cough??? Allergies. Something in my apartment doesn't like me.

He ordered an antibiotic and an allergy meds. Prescriptions were ready before I even had a chance to get re-dressed. We paid $10 each for the prescriptions on the way out the door.

Total time from leaving to returning home? One hour. Really pleasant people and a quick visit. I think I'm gonna like my new doctors.

Do I feel better? Maybe a little in that way that you feel better because you know you have a perfectly ordinary cold instead of the H1N1. Still coughing intermittently for no apparent reason. My family is now taking my allergy/asthma difficulties seriously as we slowly work our way room by room to clear out whatever it is that's setting off the coughing attacks.

And today? Today, I'm going to get back to writing! There are tales to tell and stories to write! What about you? What are you doing today?



  1. You poor bugger - sinus infections are the worst...I recommend chocolate

  2. I have the same thing, only mine is a very mild sinus thing, controllable with OTC meds and hot, moist cloths applied to the face every hour (I highly recommend that).

    My doctor visits have always been the same as yours: get there, get in, get info, get out. I hear horror stories from others about how terrible it is to get an appt., get in on time, etc., and I've never had that problem. Here's hoping it stays that way!

  3. So glad you aren't contageous. Jus a question... how wil you determine the cause of the attacks? Sniff each item? Wait to cough? Or do you already have some idea about what's causing it?

  4. When the coughing attack hits, it's spectacular. We've already pinpointed several things that really set it off. So, we're working on trying to find what is in my office that's really aggravating me.

  5. I'm glad it's not the flu, Anny. Although, sinus infections and allergies are no fun. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  6. Hey Anny,
    Glad your diagnosis was better than it could have been and the experience was also better than usual, but sorry you're still feeling poorly:(