Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chatty Anny

Tonight I have a chat at Love Romances Cafe...see exact details in the upper right hand corner. It occurred to me that new readers may not know what a chat is. It's a place to come "talk" via the computer to authors and other readers AND read excerpts the authors post.

I love talking to readers on a one-to-one basis. They're bright, witty, and have wonderful insight about books. Every month I meet at least one new reader. And re-connecting with old friends is always fun. I missed that last month when my chat was very abruptly canceled two minutes before it started because of a medical emergency with the house hunk.

I also love connecting with authors both old and new. They post excerpts from their books, chat about what they're working on, and reveal new facets of their personalities.

So if you're a reader or author or maybe even both, drop by tonight at Love Romances Cafe at 7 PM EST. Who knows...since it's almost Valentines Day, there might even be a contest or two. You just never can tell what might come up.

If you're not a member at Love Romances Cafe, sign up early and mention you're one of Anny's friends so Dawn clears you to post. I look forward to seeing all of you tonight!