Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Bits

Well. Superbowl Sunday. Some people will be hollering and screaming at their television sets. I will be either reading or writing. Which is much better than last year when I was curled up on the bed, sure I was dying.

The next morning, the hunk hauled me off to the doctor--and then the hospital where I stayed for a week while a blizzard raged outside and shut down our city. Yep. Today is much, much better.

The sun is shining. Brightly. And I suspect it will warm up enough to melt some of the snow. It's supposed to be 41 degrees today. Almost warm enough to open a window or two.

See, that's how you can tell the difference between spring and fall. In the spring, 41 is warm. In the fall, it's cold. Heh.

Let's see. What else have I been up to? Oh! I took the hunk to a new doctor last week. Now usually when you go to a new doc, they hand you a bunch of papers to fill out all the stuff about your medical history. Nope. Not this office. They handed him a computer. It was about the size of an i-Pad and had a hard orange case. And he filled out about a million screens on this sucker.

There were a lot of elderly people in the office who just didn't know what to make of the computer. Two or three didn't speak English so they had difficulties. The Ukranian lady nearly broke down in tears. So while I understand the reasoning behind the computer--maybe it's gonna be a while before it all works smoothly. Not to mention, it took forever to fill out.

So while he's doing that, I decided to go to the restroom. And that became a problem. The woman at the desk looked down her nose at me and said, "You're not a patient."

"No. I'm here with my husband."

She handed me this big hunk of metal with a key dangling from it. "Down the hall."

So. I had my coat. My bag. My folder full of notes. I collected all my junk because the hunk could be called in to see the doctor while I was gone. And down the hall I went. Could not get the key to work. Dumped all the stuff on the floor while I danced around and tried to get the door open.

At last! Grabbed my stuff and rushed inside to the nearest stall...which wouldn't close! Moved to the next one. It wouldn't close either. Heck with it. I dumped my stuff on the floor and struggled to get my pants down while holding the door shut. (Why do we care???)

Plopped on the toilet just in time and contemplated my notes scattered across the floor. Fortunately, it was very clean. I'm not saying it was germ free, but the floor was clean.

So. The toilet tissue. Yep, it was tissue thin. And it ripped off in two and three sheet bits. Why do places buy this thin crap that isn't good for anything? Why?

Finally finished my business and gathered up all my stuff. Went back to the office to find the hunk in with the doctor and my seat taken by someone else.

Eventually, he came out and said he had to go for an x-ray (same building) so down we went to the radiology people. And waited. And waited. And waited.

We left home at eight-thirty in the morning and finally dragged our butts in the door at two-fifteen. How is that right for one office visit and one x-ray?



  1. Sometimes Dr.'s offices forget they are dealing with people.

    Just finished Blue Paradise. Thanks for the story. I love visiting Mystic Valley.

  2. You are most welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it.