Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Sponsors

I think this idea has merit. Some commercials are already mini-shorts. Why not just eliminate the show entirely? Remember that cat round-up commercial? Just think of the potential if they had a half-hour show to do that. Maybe they could get Sam Elliot to play one of the cat wranglers...

Or VW could have an entire season of Little Darth Vader. It could be a combo reality show AND commercial. They could follow Darth around and see if he ever gets the force to work for him. Win!

Tide could have a series that revolved around mothers who sneak around borrowing their daughters' clothing and how they stay out of trouble with the magic of Tide!

Coke could have an entire season to develop their fireworks dragon. Think how cool that would be. Every episode the dragon and the minions attack and at the end of every show the defenders come up with some ingenious way to make the dragon drink coke. Fireworks!

And for the Christmas Show, the dragons could fight the polar bears. Yeah!

It would be more honest, don't you think if the commercials took over network television? In the evenings (after the kids are supposedly in bed, but we all know they're really sitting up) there would be shows like The Little Blue Pill (Always be prepared!) and Beertime Races (combo of drinking game and closed course racing).

After all...how many people professed to tune in to the Superbowl so they could watch the commercials??? Right?



  1. Right... I mean, the ads are getting longer. The show get's interrupted more often...

    I know. We can watch ads that are interrupted by two minutes of shows.


  2. There you go. Think how much more we would get done...

    Thanks for dropping by, Misha!

  3. They just need more product placement and less ads. Here is the new Justin Beiber variety hour... See him use this brand of hair gel, see him drink this soda, now he'll drive off...or have someone drive him off in this car. And commercial done.

    This is why I prefer PBS...except during pledge season. But at least when they're begging for my money it's straight up and honest.

  4. And some of the current commercials are so much better written than the shows!

  5. *giggles* I actually liked the old fashioned version where the sponsor just introduced the show. It's such a conundrum though, because decent shows cost money to make (except stupid reality TV crap) and commercial dollars are split so many more ways with cable. My REAL complaint is that news is no longer free from the political agenda of the station owners and advertisers. I think it is a disservice to the public that there is no unbiased news.

  6. I have to say that I now have commercials I love as much as television shows themselves. And I discuss them with my friends! "Did you see the one with the Star Wars kid?" "I LOVE the one with the pug pouncing the boyfriend" on and on and on.

  7. I miss the Folger's Coffee 'continued story/soap opera' from several years back! I want to see it all from the beginning:)

  8. I definitely tune in for the commercials. But this year I loved both teams so I watched the game too!

  9. Sigh. Sorry I didn't get back here sooner!

    The hunk was "fixing" my office chair for the last four hours.

    Cindy, I absolutely agree. They little jewels in time.

    Jae, there's something to be said for that idea and I totally agree about PBS. You know what you're getting.

    Hart, I quit listening to the news. If I can, I pull up the BBC on the internet.

    Tangynt, I have to say some of the commercials are pretty cool.

    Julia--But did you enjoy the commercials???