Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Craziness...

Craziness attacks from left field. Life is just tootling along and then bam! And you're trotting down a new path in life. That just goes to show you can never plan on anything long range.

Up until about four weeks ago, my life was all about me, me, me. My rollercoaster sugar counts. My chest pains. My asthma. And then the house hunk had a grand mal seizure--his first in fifteen years. And suddenly, it wasn't all about me.

A week or so later I had my regular checkup. While we were there the hunk asked about getting a new prescription for one of his meds and the doctor said, "Sure." And then she looked up his records and discovered he hadn't been in to see her in over six months. "Nup. You have to come in for blood work."

That was Monday. We went in on Friday for him to give blood and urine. And that evening the doctor called. The hunk needed to see the urologist because there was blood in his urine.

I'll confess here, I wasn't too worried. I couldn't understand what the doc was getting excited about. But we made the appointment and went to see the specialist. There was still blood in the hunk's urine sample so today he had a procedure--the fun one where they stick a teeny camera in there for a look-see.

They found a tumor. And it's cancerous. BUT it's tiny and completely operable. So in about a week, they'll go in and take it out. He also has a kidney stone. They'll take care of that in a couple months.

Now, I didn't have to share any of this with you my readers, but the hunk and I talked about it and decided we wanted to for one simple reason. Cancer is survivable if you catch it early.

Like I said. I didn't think it was a big deal. Fortunately, our primary care doc was on her toes and made sure he saw a specialist. And it's all gonna be good.

Anyway, if I'm in and out and seem to be absent-minded, just bear with me. We're getting things done!



  1. You know I'm here for you, whatever you need. Huge hugs, and thank you for sharing the warning.

  2. Anny,
    My love to you and your husband. God bless the early detection!
    You sharing this very personal situation reminds us to stay vigilant in our health care, and I thank you for it.

  3. Thinking of you and the hunk

  4. Oh my goodness. I am so sorry this is happening. I'll keep you all in my prayers, love.

    BIG hug.


  5. Thanks for sharing the hunks diagnose with us. Early detection is key. I'm glad the doctor was on her toes.
    You and the hunk are in my thoughts and prayers. If you need anything I'm here for you.

    huge hugs

  6. Glad your doc was on her toes! Love to you and the HH, and of course we'll keep the prayers coming.


  7. I'm sorry to hear this, but I'm confident he will be fine. Hang in there.

  8. That is exactly right. My mother waited too long but my father caught his early and survived as the HH will. Keep us posted

  9. Thank you for sharing this very important reminder - swift, early action and a medical practitioner who is thorough and accurate are essential!

    All the best to you both - and your website graphics are simply beautiful.

  10. Sounds like your Hunk was in the right place at the right time - with the right doctor listening. Sending good vibes your way.

  11. Thank you for sharing. I'm glad that the Hunk caught it in time and I wish him a speedy recovery. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  12. Thanks so much for sharing this, on all counts - early detection, keeping regular check ups, following up right away on changes, and also because writers have lives, too, and sometimes everything else stops for a while because life takes over.

    Best to you both!


  13. Oh, honey! So sorry...but you know he will get well. That's the important thing. Take good care of him.

  14. I'm sorry that you and your husband are going through this hard time, Anny. I wish you both well.