Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Best of Show

 Giving Poppy a manicure.
 Mugging for the camera.
 Baby horse born 4/19.
 Goats and sheep to pet.
 King of the hill Easter egg hunt at the farm.
 Llama--master of disguise.
 Baby--Percheron mare due any day!

As some of you know the hunk and I went to my daughter's for Easter to spend some time with the grandkids. We had a great time. We bowled about a zillion Wii bowling games. The kids are very good at that.

We colored Easter eggs. Somehow no matter what else you do, without colored hard boiled eggs, it isn't Easter.

I don't have cable TV and don't watch TV at home. While I was there we watched The Sniper, Independence Day, Terminator 4, and Jeff Dunham (ventriloquist). We also watched a zillion episodes of Dual Survival. I was fascinated by that show. We topped it off with River Monsters... Can you tell the guys picked most of the shows?

Naturally, it rained. On Saturday (after it rained all night) we went to a farm for an Easter egg hunt. If you've ever been to a farm, I don't need to say much more. If not... well, it's muddy. Very muddy. There's a reason those folks wear rubber boots.

But they had animals in the barn for the kids to pet. And a brand new baby horse. Cows (huge). Pigs. Chickens. Goats and sheep. A gentle giant Percheron horse named Baby who is due to have her baby any day. In the fields were more goats and horses and a llama.

And ice cream.

The plastic eggs hidden all over the place were filled with treats. And some of them had coupons for free ice cream. All of the kids won something from the ice cream store so we turned those in before we left. Yummy!

Easter Sunday morning dawned bright and sunny. It rained later on in the day, but it was a lovely weekend. I admit I was glad to be back home sleeping in my own bed. We had a great time.



  1. How fun! I'm always up for pictures of horses! Glad you had a wonderful time...aside from the rain.

  2. Love the pictures:) And so glad you had a wonderful time!