Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday, Monday...

Ah, Monday! The beginning of a new week! We're off in a few moments to do a pre-op physical for the hunk. This will be a busy week here at chez Cook.

The hunk has to take the car in for the pre-trip physical. Oil change. New wind-shield wipers. Yada, yada.

And of course, there's laundry, laundry before packing. Yep. We're going to go see our grandchildren next weekend. Traffic. High gas prices. Too much Easter candy. And lots of yummy food. Not to mention the joy of seeing family.

In between then and now, there's a ton of writing to do. A few more errands and chores. And hopefully some pre-trip rest.

What's on your list this week? Egg coloring? Making Easter baskets? Cooking yummy food?



  1. Laundry. Passover seder. Baking cookies for company. Planning weekend activities for company. Parents' anniversary. Making lemon pickles. Beef jerky. Aaaaaaarrrrgh!

  2. Just bought Easter food and candy today:) Spring cleaning is on our agenda; my doorways are awful!

    Safe travels!