Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Sundog!

Happy Sundog! For those of us still waiting for SPRING this will remind us it's coming. A few of my friends--on the other side of the world--are enjoying the last lingering bits of summer. It's amazing how those little bits of green cheer us up.

It's gray here today. Cool and damp and cloudy. But tomorrow it's supposed to be 80 degrees and sunny. Before too long we'll be complaining about how hot and humid it is. Seems like we're never quite satisfied.

Perhaps it's a matter of focus. Wherever we are, things could be so much worse. In a mere instant a flash flood can wipe away existence. A tornado can leave us with nothing. An earthquake can shake the very foundations of our lives.

When I look outside, whether gray or sunny, cold or hot, I'm thankful I'm safe, comfortable and have all I need. Blessings on your day, wherever you are.



  1. Hi Anny,
    I won the Overlord Award and am passing it on to you. I thought world domination would be something you'd deal with in an awesome fashion.

  2. Enjoy the beautiful weather Indiana just sent your way:) Be warned, however; today is rainy. Really enjoyed breaking out the shorts yesterday!

  3. You got that right, Ms. Anny. Its sometimes difficult to count our blessings when the sun isn't shining, but eventually it does come out.