Friday, April 15, 2011

Things that keep you awake...

There are a lot of things that can prevent you from falling asleep. I had a lot of time to consider my list as I rolled around sleepless in bed last night.

1) Wondering if you'll have enough money to live through your twilight years. The economy is a strange entity right now. So much depends on whether or not the hunks retirement plan is still around in our later years. Or Social Security. Or whether the banks will crash. It's enough to give you nightmares...

2) Wondering where your teenagers are. I had a lot of nights when I just didn't know. Not because I didn't want to know, but because sometimes things are out of a parent's control. Sometimes all you can do is pray they'll live long enough to grow up--and have teenagers of their own to give them gray hair.

3) The state of the world. Heck, you can start the worrying with your neighborhood and expand out from there. Wars, pestilence, earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, blizzards... there's plenty of stuff to worry about. No shortage of anxiety material there. I figure if you really need to stay awake all you have to do is try to come up with a solution for world peace. That'll keep you alert.

4) The state of your health. Heh. There's an unlimited number of health issues that can keep you up at night. Have you ever noticed how everything hurts more at night? And your mind whirls around on this little hamster wheel with all the possibilities--terminal possibilities. When I reach that point, I get up and walk around because that just gives you the willies.

5) Indigestion. Why, oh why did I eat that last slice of pizza? Or lasagna? Or cheesecake? Or those spicy potato chips? Chocolate...I should have had the chocolate pudding/cake/brownies/candy bar instead. Have you ever noticed that chocolate doesn't give you indigestion? I wonder why...

What keeps you up at night? Com'on. Share...



  1. Oh my gosh. I try really hard not to think about the state of the world. If I think about it, I'll never sleep. I worry enough about my kids and their futures, especially in this economy. And now I'm worried about my parents because of the economy.

  2. Yep. My parents are in their eighties. And my kids are in the mids...30-40. Sigh. Never enough to go around, is there?

  3. I don't lie awake worrying... I lie awake going over all the plans, schemes and ambitions in my head until I get up and act on them

  4. Oh, I hear you!

    Money in general -- yes.

    My husband's stressful job -- even more so.

    Novel plot/characters -- probably more than anything.

  5. I have moments when I worry about my level of worrying!??