Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In the Profile...

Profile pictures fascinate me. Oh, not the avatars and the little logos or book covers some people post. But the actual pictures on places like facebook and Twitter are interesting...simply because so many of them are...odd.

Let's face it. If the age listed on the profile is 73 but the picture is a fellow in his twenties, there's something going on. Something strange.

Or if the page is for a female and she posts a picture with four females (all unidentified) what's the point of that? Is she playing guess who?

To be perfectly frank I absolutely hate pictures of myself. So I don't post them. I could post a picture from when I was young and skinny, but that wouldn't be me. Heck, I could post a picture from when I was six or seven. Same goes, though.

But I do wonder about people who take profile pictures at face value. Received a note from some strange-oh, weird-oh person who informed me he loved my pointed ears...and proceeded to tell me what he would like to do with them. Sigh... Back in your rubber room, man. Really.



  1. Ah, I'm sure your pictures aren't as bad as you think, Anny :)

    I'm nosy as hell and I like to see what people look like. So I return the courtesy, lol.

    Awkward ones are funny, though...

  2. I hate hate hate pictures of me, which is why I had a professional photographer take like a thousand to find one!
    It is kind of weird, well, more than kind of, when you see an author's photo on their site and then you meet them in person and you realize the photo is 30 years old. You sort of feel like you stepped into the Twilight Zone.

  3. I rarily end up in photos, b/c I'm usually behind the camera! But when I do end up in one, I try to post the ones I like best:)

    (Currently, I'm the one on the end, in the blue coat, looking at the camera; my dad took this, while everyone else was looking at the OTHER author's husband, who was also snapping away!)

  4. I have never had that issue- I can't believe someone actually did that- LOL wowness.

  5. I think do what you like and answer to no one.

  6. Wow. I'm sorry you got a creepy email. Gross. I'm nosy too and like to put a face to the name. When I first started blogging I was shy and used an avatar of my dog.

  7. I like to have my pic taken but abhor the results.

    Julia, I love your pic.