Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my step-mother's birthday. She's 82. She's been my mom since she stepped in 51 years ago to help my father (a widower) rear four rowdy kids.

Taking on one kid is quite a commitment. Taking on four is insanity. But we all came out pretty good. We're all married. We all have families. And we're all gainfully employed. Not bad at all.

So I just want to say Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you!



  1. My step-great-grandma took on raising 10 kids. Can you believe it? She was a spinster-lady schoolteacher of 40 and she married g-g-grandpa when his wife died (probably from having 10 kids). They lived on the prairie.

    I remember GG Irene telling us stories about the Indians who would come by the house to visit. They thought she was fascinating because she had red hair.

    When I knew her, she was 100 years old and had a wicked sense of humor. We'd go see her after church and take her 'the scorecard' (the program). She would tell us stories then send us on our way.

  2. Sounds like she did a fabulous job!! Happy b'day to her :)