Thursday, April 7, 2011


Things I admire...

1) Writers who can blog about writing. You know the ones... they compose long blogs about all sorts of writing skills and craft issues. I don't have terrible problems with completing a coherent sentence, but I sure wouldn't have the confidence to write a post about the craft of writing. Not in a million years. So, thank you to all the bloggers who unselfishly share their knowledge.

2) People with a green thumb. Some people have the gift to nuture green things. Their plants flourish. Their vegetables produce twice as much as their neighbor's. Their flowers bloom earlier, longer and more profusely. I stand in awe of their green thumbs.

3) People who have the patience to master a craft. I can do many things medium well and am the master of none. Mastering a craft takes time and determination--something I don't have. But I have infinite respect and admiration for those who exercise the discipline to achieve mastery.

4) People who care for the elderly, the sick, the infirm. The caregivers are special, special people touched by God. Not everyone has the gift of love and respect required to care for the most needy. Thank you for sharing your gift.

5) People who mentor and care for children. Children are our future. Need I say more? Without mentors and caregivers we are lost.

8) People who are willing to stand up for the underdog, willing to speak out against the villains no one else will call down. It takes courage to do so. It takes a caring spirit to stand out there on the edge and yell, "This is wrong!" May we all take up the banner and stand with the brave souls who fight for justice.

7) The Japanese People. Their grace under the pressure of unimaginable loss and grief continues to astound me. Their determination to move forward shames me when I complain. Their giving spirit moves my soul, urging me to be a better person. I can say no more.



  1. Wow. Beautiful post. I admire people who remind us of those who do good deeds, like you.

  2. Well, I admire the zen of Anny Cook

  3. Hear. Hear. Though, I do believe the better gardens are due to copious amounts of Miracle Gro:)

  4. Always giving a deep thought for some work yields faster result.