Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Crazy Blog Serial Episode Eight

Words Today - 1,673
Previous - 11,152
Total - 12,825

Well, the blog serial still merrily rolls along. It seems that we have a few fans by the comments posted. Charlene and Mona are keeping our spirits up with an occassional visit from Sam and Cindy. Heh. Mona in particular seems to be getting into the spirit of things. If you want to laugh, read her comment on Amarinda's episode from yesterday at! We appreciate any and all feedback.

I will tell you a secret. Writing may be a solitary business--at least the creation part. But writer's thrive on feedback. Without it we wither and die. We're on top of the world when we receive a fan letter. We dance on air when we get a good review. We loooove it when a peer tells us that they enjoyed our work. So feel free to make comments. We love it.

I suppose you're only here for the serial? Can't wait to see what new crazy direction our trainwreck has taken? Well... I'll just make one other statement. Beginning tomorrow, I'll post all the previous episodes on my website by the week. So all of last weeks--episodes one thru five will be up on my website at just in case you joined us a little late.

Okay, okay--here it is.

At the crossroads near the foothills to the Turquoise Mountains, three females and their companion waited impatiently, their dark robes cloaking them from possible witnesses. “She will come this way?” the oldest demanded querulously.

“It is the only way,” the companion replied tranquilly. “She will be here soon.”

“It is imperative that we stop her before she finds him. If they mate, it will precipitate a terrible disaster!” The youngest one poked the companion in the chest. “You must not fail!”

“Fear not. By all the little purple gods, I will not fail.”

The middle female frowned and scratched her temple where the goggles were irritating her golden skin. “Why do you suppose Emmeline refuses to take both men? Hasn’t that been the custom for centuries? What has this man done to turn her against him?”

The oldest female snorted in disgust. “He stole her peeler and withheld the sacred chocolate. It was very daring of him, but everyone knows that a female of our species can not trust an alpha male. It is important to start as one means to continue.”

The companion ventured to suggest, “But if he returns the peeler…”

“No.” The oldest female was adamant and the companion bowed reluctant agreement.

The youngest female began to chuckle. “There is one way. The Mother of the Goddess ritual would tame him. As long as she is in possession of her peeler that would satisfy the basic requirements.”

“Someone comes this way,” the oldest female announced disapprovingly. “Quiet!”

Silence reigned for several moments before they heard Emmeline say, “Oh, all right, Shade. I’ll go with you. But first we must rescue Rafe.”

Remember that tomorrow's episode will be at Kelly's blog at!



  1. Do you SEE what she's doing to me? I mean even the normal parts have things I don't understand. What the hell is "querulously"? I need a dictionary for that one. And then we have golden people and a companion and the threat of stopping Emmeline.

    Never fear, though. I have a rebuttal and AJ is going to have to work through mine next.

  2. “He stole her peeler and withheld the sacred chocolate." So it's sacred now. Does she have to bow and kneel before licking the SACRED chocolate. I assume querulously comes fron querulous and the french word, querelle=fight. We are getting into aristocratic English now. What a literary jump from peeler an zucchini. BTW I have a great recipee for zucchini a la bechamelle cream to convert a lowly zucchini into a SACRED one.
    Imaptiently waiting for Kelly.


  3. I'd give you a sneak peek Mona, but it would defeat the purpose. Gotta come visit me tomorrow now.

  4. Mona,I am shocked--SHOCKED that you wouldn't know right off the bat that all chocolate is sacred!

  5. Anny:

    I'm impressed that you managed to get colored beings in there. Purple gods! Good job!

    Heather Hiestand/Anh Leod

  6. WONDERFUL! Anny, Amarinda, and Kelly: I'm impressed with your continuing saga on the blogs and I eagerly read them each day. Keep it up and you'll have a masterpiece worthy of publishing in book form soon. :-)

    ~Rita Sable (

  7. Yay! We have fans, Anny! I love comments even if they don't necessarily come up on my blog. SNIFF (hinting broadly)

  8. Bloody hell..I just read Kelly's response...some serious drugs are on offer where she lives.
    As for Anny's - classic