Saturday, July 28, 2007

Crazy Blog Serial Episode Eleven

Wow! Want to thank everyone for the wonderful encouraging words, both in private e-mails and in the comments. I was in the midst of preliminary FLEs and busy all afternoon which left me little time to brood. So there you go. Keep busy.

Then right before I went to bed, I received a lovely e-mail from a fellow writer who I've never met before, but she's been following the blog serial. She was tremendously encouraging. And finally, near midnight I receive notification that Dancer's Delight was awarded five angels from Fallen Angel Reviews!

This morning, I woke up to that stupendous review from Jae! It's been a combinations of my cup running over and heaping coals of fire. Needless to say, insecurity and discouragement are not in my vocabulary today. I cannot emphasize how much your encouraging words meant to me.

Today is my turn for the Crazy Blog Serial. If you missed the early ones, I'll be posting them on my website next week. If you missed yesterday's it's at!

Here is episode eleven:

Wary at this abrupt abandonment of ancient customs, Rafe yanked his hand free and backed away. “I think I will wait until you fetch your peeler,” he said firmly. “I prefer to properly observe all the customs.”

The woman chuckled and moved closer. “But the Guardians don’t plan for you to live long enough to observe the customs,” she whispered softly. “I am here to see that you die.”

Rafe turned and run, dodging through the crowded market place as the zucchini dealers inadvertently blocked the woman’s pursuit. As he neared the village gate, he saw the waiting soldiers. With a wild leap, he landed on the tailgate of the nearest zucchini wagon and without hesitation began to fire zucchinis at the soldiers.

Desperate to avoid the deadly zucchinis, the soldiers scrambled out of the way, leaving an avenue for escape. Arming himself with an armful of zucchinis, Rafe jumped down and ran through the gate into the wilderness of the Turquoise Mountains.

At their campsite, Shade woke abruptly from a deep sleep, certain that Rafe was in danger. “Get up!” he cried, shaking Emmeline urgently. “Something’s happened to Rafe!”
Emmeline scrambled to her feet and began to pack their belongings while Shade put out their fire. In moments they were hastening along a dim trail that led to the zucchini dealer’s village high in the Turquoise Mountains. Heart in her mouth, Emmeline wondered if they would reach Rafe in time.



  1. And this, children, is why it's called a challenge. Because it's follow (get your mind out of the gutters). Good one Anny. Like AJ, I can't wait to see what I come up with. It will be a surprise for me too.

  2. But I have every confidence in your ability to do so...

  3. I love the attack of the zucchinis...bloody inspired...I love how a peeler is now part of 'ancient custom'. I am now wary of what grasshopper will spring on me...still getting over the orange nipples.

  4. Cool--explosive zucchini. I knew the ones my brother was growing weren't supposed to be food. Wayyyy too big.