Sunday, July 22, 2007

Starting Over

Hello from the downside of a beautiful day. It's been so beautiful in Maryland that you would think I must have accomplished a lot today, right? Wrong. Or...maybe. Overnight, it finally dawned on me that the reason I've had soooo much trouble writing Daffodil is because it's wrong. When a book is wrong, it's like wading through jello. Squishy, slippery, and never-ending. So thirteen thousand words in, I stopped and started over. I admit that I was able to salvage some of it, but sometimes it's more difficult to salvage than to just start fresh. Argh!

It also seems that I'm suffering from a case of Greedy Gopher Guts as I've signed up for not one, but two online writing classes. Must be because I've moved far enough along in my lengthy writing career to realize that I don't know much about writing. Amarinda, I saw you roll your eyes, just now. Yes, I did. There is writing--and then there's writing. A lot of people can do the first kind. That's the sort of writing that gets you through school and possibly even propels you through those first acceptances from a publisher.

But the other kind of writing is that unique combination of technical skill, creativity, and voice that keeps you writing--and selling. I'm still working on developing that. So. At my age I'm still learning.

And writing. I yanked Daffodil back on the track and will now attempt to make up for lost time. Usually, I manage a chapter a day--an average of five for the week with the odd day off for good behavior and laundry. For the last two weeks I've struggled to manage partial chapters and each night I would close up shop absolutely hating the book. That's no way to write.

After chucking what I had and starting over, I asked a friend to read what I'd sort of salvaged. We discussed it a bit and I worked some more. Then happy with what I had, I thanked her for her help. Her reply was a telling question, "Has it put a fire in your belly to write it now?" And the answer was, "Yes! A resounding Yes!"

Whatever I accomplish today, I will go to sleep happy and content tonight. That's worth starting over--every bit of it.

If you're wondering who has todays episode of the Crazy Blog Serial, no one does as it's Sunday, our day off. Tomorrow, you can find the next sizzling episode at and boy has she come up with a dilly. Amarinda will need to do some fancy dancing to pull another rabbit out of her hat.

I'll also remind you that tomorrow is MONDAY which means it's time for my Mini-Review and Interview. This week's guest is Amarinda Jones/Janet Davies in both her alter-egos. The book I'm reviewing is Amarinda's Because I Can. Woo-eeeee!

Until tomorrow--be blessed and happy.



  1. Roll my eyes? As if? But I have to agree...I know nothing about writing -I write as I speak and if people want to read it that great. And good for you young Anny if you does want to write good.

  2. AJ, that reminds me of I shirt I saw once: "It is uncredible how well I am at grammar." snort.

    Ms. Anny, that shows you the difference right there. AJ can roll her little eyes while I pull out a notepad and pen to jot down whatever pearls of wisdom you deam worthy to drop on me (no comment form the AJ peanut gallery, just because you're jealous of my suckuptivity).

    I find I drag my feet through the last five chapters...on every book...and that's what I'm doing now. But onward and upward. I've promised to finish them this week, so finish I shall. And no pointy toothed twins or zucchini pealers shall get in my way.

  3. Yep, you're full of it and I am not talking about the joy of life

  4. I always do best in the middle of the book. Have a hard time beginning. Have a terrible time ending. But the middle? Oh, yeah. Love that part.

  5. You like the middle? I love the first three and last three chapters. The rest is so complicated!

  6. Heh, heh. So here's what we do. You write the beginning. I'll do the middle. You write the end. Perfect. Of course, you might have deal with a bit of strangeness once I get my hands on it, but hey, it's what we do!

  7. Trust me Jenna, LOTS of strangeness. But since I have another five chapters left, you and I should hook up for a week. Whatdoyasay?

    The middle is great. Love putting in the fast pace and sexual tension, love the humorous moments and sparkling dialogue. That's my favorite part to write. Well, that and the beginning.