Friday, July 20, 2007

Crazy Blog Serial Episode Five

I'm posting this quite early as I have bloodwork first thing in the morning and then a full day of chores and obligations. Things I would rather not be doing, but there you go, life just sucks sometimes and we have to do stuff whether we want to or not.

This will be the last post of the Crazy Blog Serial for this week as we've decided that we'll take every Sunday off to regroup and recuperate from our labors during the week. On Monday, Kelly will once again take up her pen and march into the fray.

I haven't quite figured out why I've been nominated as the Crazy part in our serial title. Blue people with fangs and pointed ears seem perfectly normal to me. Really. However that may be, everyone else seems to think it's strange. So I thought I would give you a little peek from Traveller's Refuge, my uncoming sequel to Dancer's Delight. As always, it is subject to change.

In this scene, Trav has been injured and Wrenna's family is trying to heal him.

Deep in rapport with Trav, Wrenna was barely aware of movement around her. This was not how she had envisioned meeting her bond-mate, even in her wildest imaginings. The broken, pain-driven man she was linked to bore very little resemblance to the man to whom she’d struggled to explain their future relationship. That man had been strong, dominant and confident even while his life was in danger.

Subconsciously, Traveller was reaching out for Dancer, anxious because his brother wasn’t present. Anger welled up in Wrenna’s chest when she thought of Dancer’s focus, not on Trav’s injuries but on his own sense of betrayal. Trav sensed her disturbing thoughts and fought to break their rapport.

Abruptly, he threw off their link and demanded blurrily, “Take me to your leader!”

Squashing the angry frustration, Wrenna silently soothed him. It’s all right, Traveller. Dancer will be here soon. Relax…

She felt the rigidity in his body subside and realized that Dai had indeed returned with Dancer and Eppie. With Dai’s added strength, Mali and Jonas were able to block his pain more completely.

Llyon sighed softly in exhaustion. “Dancer! I’m glad you’re here. Wrenna needs help with Trav. We’ve blocked out as much of his pain as we can. We need to straighten and immobilize this leg. Try to distract him!”

Dancer cleared his throat and asked his brother, “I’m not their leader but will I do?”

Traveller, obviously in pain, very slowly turned his head and studied Dancer with foggy blue eyes that moved incredulously from Dancer’s face --taking in the changes in his appearance--down to his soft purple sharda. His eyelids fluttered closed and he moaned. “What have they done to you, Dance? You’ve turned into a blue Vulcan!”

Unable to contain his amusement, Dancer laughed out loud before leaning down close to Traveller’s ear and murmuring, “And that’s the least of it. You must get well as quickly as you can, Trav. I found my woman—and our grandfather. I have a lot to tell you once you’re better.”

See? Nothing weird or strange about that...

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So last chance to read all the other parts first...going, going, gone!

Shrugging, she slipped the laser saber back into the harness and adjusted the goggles back over her glowing eyes. “Your brother escaped and he’s hiding with the zucchini dealers in the turquoise mountains. I know how to find him. If you want him back, all you have to do is hand over the chocolate.” Sauntering away into the darkness, she paused, confident that he would follow her. “And of course, there’s that other thing I promised you…”

“Yes?” He stopped short of bumping into her, realized how very close she was, and breathed a shaky sigh of relief. So close he inhaled the scent of marigold on her breath. That would have been disastrous. If you were wise you never, ever touched one of them without an invitation, especially when they were in chocolate withdrawal. He sneered, curling his luscious upper lip back to reveal the glint of fangs. “What would that be?” he demanded.

“If you return my peeler, I won’t have to make you scream.”



  1. I love it! Fangs, peelers, drama and pathos.Poor Kelly...whatever are you going to write grasshopper? I can hardly wait til my turn

  2. I don't know AJ, she's left me in something of a lurch. That's okay though. I have all of Sunday and today to figure it out. Our Anny is brilliant. Sneaky, yes, but brilliant. I might have to chew on some hallucigenic mushrooms today and add to the story stream of consciousness. Tough act to follow, but I hope not to disappoint our blog followers. Wouldn't want you to have an easy time of it either.

    Kudos, Anny. Nicely done. Parry and thrust and all that.

  3. Charlene, you're the master of the one word answer.

    Amarinda, Kelly's gonna get you...

    Kelly? Sic 'em.