Saturday, July 14, 2007

On the Balance Beam

Word Count 1,133
Previous - 5,177
Total - 6,310

I did a little better today. Went shopping. Saturday junk at Sam's Club and Wal-Mart. Then we made a run to the Office Depot where I had several copies made. I'm developing a relationship with the young lady that runs the copy department. She's the one that made all the prints of my covers for me so that I could frame them. By this time, she's taking a proprietary interest in my work. Always good to have your copy lady on your side.

Came home and wrote for a little while. Then we went downstairs to my friend's place and I autographed the cover sheet for Dancer's Delight for my friend, Jane. She seemed to be especially pleased because part of the dedication is for her.

Back upstairs and we had dinner. More writing. More puzzling over the way the story is careening off the trail. Went back and read the relevant parts from Chrysanthemum and Honeysuckle just to make sure that they all mesh together.

Wrote some more.

Checked e-mail and posts for anything that I needed to answer. All are DEAD quiet. So probably everyone else is actually writing.

Wrote some more. Husband made me coffee to keep me awake. Getting late so I'm taking a break to write my blog and then I'll go back to writing. I'm annoyed that I can't get the cast of characters to get with the program...any program. Pansy's acting like a ditz. Bart can't seem to keep his glasses on. And Gerald is...being Gerald.

Tomorrow I have to spend some more time cleaning my "work" room which is actually a catch-all room until we finish with the rearranging in the apartment. You know that room--"what should I do with...?" "Put it in the workroom." Except we are fast approaching the point where there will be no more room in the workroom.

Such is the glamorous life of a writer. Work, write, write, eat, write, work, sleep, write. That's how it gets done. Nothing exciting there except when you finish a chapter that seemed to take forever or when you re-read it three days later and realize that it's really good. Or the very best is when you re-read a couple weeks later and say to yourself, "Did I really write that? Wow!"

So tomorrow will be another day. Sleep well, my friends.



  1. Good to know someone did some writing today. I did stuff all. Back to the fray tomorrow

  2. Even with all your running around you did more writing than I have in two weeks. My personal writing challenge at present is ignoring two children so I can get anything done.

    I can't wait for school to start again...

  3. Now, that's what I like to see--good old guilt. Funny how we can know that we have other obligations to take care of and yet we still feel guilty for not writing.

    Guess that's when we know we've truly shifted from the "I want to be a writer" to "I am a writer and I don't have time for this other stuff!"

  4. I get to leave my two kiddies with the Texas grandparents when I fly home tonight. Sure, I'll miss 'em, but I can't wait to actually get some writing done.

  5. Cool! May you make the most of it! And safe trip home.