Friday, July 27, 2007

Thief of Dreams

Word Count - 1007
Previous - 15, 895
Total - 16, 902

One day after writing about persistence, bamm! A couple of discouraging things happened and I spent a while asking myself if I wanted to continue. What if people really don't like what I write? What if I never sell enough books? What if....?

Insecurity if the thief of dreams. And it attacks us when we're down. Oh, yes it does. Boom! See? I knew I wasn't good enough! If I was, then more people would have bought the book! Never mind that I'm a brand new writer with a teeny, tiny fan base. Never mind that I know I have imagination and talent. It must not be enough, because if it was...

Well, I got over it. Mostly. I'm still a little down because I do have big dreams. But the dreams aren't dead yet. A little crumpled around the edges maybe, but not dead. A little singed in spots. But you know what? I'm not gonna quit. Probably because I'm so darned stubborn. Not willing to say "uncle."

Writing is a lot of work. Anyone who says otherwise is crazy. I love to write. I love to bring new characters and worlds to life. Well, duh...some of you read the Crazy Blog Serial so you know. But at no time has it been EASY! So it's a tad discouraging that more people didn't choose to read what I wrote. I suspect that every single author feels that way. This is our baby! Our creation! Where are the readers to enjoy our wonderful work?

They're out there. Someday they'll stumble across something else I wrote and say, "Hmmmm, I wonder if she's written anything else?" And then I'll get a pleasant surprise when this book suddenly finds more readers. So I'll look forward to that. And in the meantime, I'll push that thief of dreams back behind me.



  1. Shite happens all the time. It's the way you handle it and rise above it that's important.As for your 'baby' - she will come of age and look put.

  2. ...should be 'look out' of course..having touble multi- tasking

  3. Testify!

    Seriously, Anny - I feel your pain, but it's my firm belief that people are going to continue "discovering" you for a long, long time to come.

    You've got scads of talent and a brilliant sense of humor. Your career is just going to keep getting bigger and better.

  4. We have all been where you are - some of us more often than not. The trick is to work through it. Celebrate the publication and try not to think about the other stuff. And keep your writing friends around - they alone know exactly how you feel and the good ones will let you wallow for a day then kick your butt to write more. :)


  5. All the above and more. And now I think I have to quote you for my Sunday quote. Don't worry, I'll lead them straight back here to you and your side panel of books.

    Remember you are not your book. YOU are not being rejected simply because they didn't purchase your baby. Having said that, it's okay to take a few shuddering painful breaths before you keep chugging along. Love ya, Anny. And anyone with an iota of sense does too. It won't be long before your name is synonymous with "fun read". Hang in, sweety.

    Amarinda. I rather liked "look put" I didn't know what it meant figuring it to be more Aussie (you can get away with murder that way) and Look Put just sounds solid.

  6. Don't fret, Anny! You could look at it another way - perhaps everyone is on vacation now and aren't able to get online. And when they come back from lands far and wide, they're going to want a good story to read, and VIOLA! They'll find you. :-D

  7. You are so massively talented that I am continually amazed that I get to share a publisher and an editor with you. Your books are going to be around and sellling for a long LONG time. If you try to stop writing them I will have to come find you and tie you to your chair, because I want to read MORE!