Sunday, July 15, 2007

Failure to File

Word Count- 1,313
Previous - 6,310
Total - 7,623

Think I'll begin this on a cheerful note. Love Romances and More reviewed Chrysanthemum this past week. They awarded it four hearts.

"Anny Cook’s debut Ellora’s Cave book, CHRYSANTHEMUM is rollicking hilarious story set in Came-a-Lot. This is truly one story that will have the reader giggling like mad at all the wild escapades Gareth, Chrysanthemum, Arthur and the rest of the Avalon legends have. With exceptional characters that play off each other like a fine tuned symphony, Anny Cook delivers a wild, sensual ride into the King Arthur legend.

This author captivates the reader with her wit, prose and subtle comedic turns that mesh well with the sensual passion that is sprinkled throughout the story. With some light bondage involved, this reviewer was alternately giggling and wishing for her own Avalon lover to come calling. CHRYSANTHEMUM is a delightful tale that will leave you breathless-either from laughter or passion. With just the right amount of both, Anny Cook delivers a story that is destined to be read over and over again."...Dawn from Love Romances and More.

And believe it or not that wasn't all the good stuff they said. So that was a really wonderful ending to the week.

Yay! Moving along! Not as much writing as I wanted to get done, but better than I had any reason to expect given the amount of time I spent on writer's housekeeping. Paperwork, paperwork. I do detest doing paperwork and that's a major requirement for being "self" employed. Taxes, contracts, receipts, all the paperwork that seems to multiply like rabbits.

And of course, when you have paperwork, you must have some type of filing system. Now, my favorite type filing system it the vertical pile system. That system doesn't work very well when you're dealing with small pieces of paper like receipts. Sigh. So I broke down and started an actual filing system. I loathe filing.

You need to understand something. I spent thirteen years as an executive secretary type so I'm quite experienced at setting up and using filing systems. That does not mean that I like it. It just means that I know how to do it. Kind of like dishes or cooking. Just because I know how to do either one of those, doesn't mean that I want to waste time doing them. I have considered denying that I know how to do laundry at all.

In any case, as I flipped through the receipts, it occurred to me that I should have marked the receipts when I bought the items. Now I'm stuck peering at receipts with faded ink, wondering what the item was. Of course, I was able to discard the receipts for fast food, slow food, uncooked food, fresh food... sure seemed to have a lot of those. I don't suppose the tax man or woman would be amused if I hauled them in for their inspection.

I now have vertical files stacked on most of the flat surfaces in my office (which was the living room in another life). That means that tomorrow I will spend the day filing, tossing, and putting away so that the cat doesn't get a chance to amuse herself by playing with important papers. There is some method to my madness. By the time I get a chance to sit down and write, there's no time to goof off. So I actually accomplish quite a bit.

Speaking of housekeeping...I have one other thing to note. Tomorrow is MONDAY! That means it's time for my Mini-Review and Interview. My guest author tomorrow is Cindy Spencer Pape and I'll be reviewing Dragon in the System. Now see, that's probably what's wrong with my filing. There's a dragon somewhere in there messing things up. Maybe she'll have a solution for me.

Until tomorrow...



  1. Good morning, Anny!! I am home, home, home, home. So happy to be home again. Whew, glad I got that out of the way. Congrats on the fab review. As for filing? Well, I throw all the writing stuff into one accordian file with dates or references to conferences etc. Not at all as neat as you. I should be though. Sigh.

  2. I flat out love Chrysanthemumeven though I have trouble spelling it. Who knew you were such a wild woman!

  3. see? The word hates me...or maybe it's because it's 5am...yes, that's it, it can't be me...shut up Kelly

  4. It's never you, dear.---HACK! 'scuze me, I have a lie in my throat.

  5. Now I'll confess. I had to learn to spell Chrysanthemum when I wrote this book!