Thursday, July 19, 2007

Out of Hot Water

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Today I was out of the hot water both literally and figuratively. Figuratively because it is NOT my day to write a Crazy Blog Serial segment. Although I'm sure that tomorrow Amarinda is going to lay some wicked twist on me that I'll have to deal with. I have some ideas, but I shall say no more, keeping them close to my chest...

Now to the literal side. I had no hot water since last night. I had no water period for most of the day. Now do you suppose the apartment owners might just casually tack up a note on the bulletin board downstairs? Something to the effect that "we know it's not working..." Nope. When I took the dog out first thing this morning, I looked. No note.

At that point I had cold water, at least, so I could do the necessary things like fill the coffee pot and dog bowl and flush. Happy with my small blessings, I went about my day. Until my downstairs neighbor called to see if I knew why we didn't have any water. I of course denied knowing anything. She has been unwell and slept late so it was after noon by this time.

She called the apartment owners who gave her a song and dance about some part that blew on the hot water heater in the middle of the night. And so it goes. We had cold water back on around three this afternoon. And finally had hot water around five. VERY hot water. Another one of the downstairs neighbors nearly burned his hand as he wasn't expecting actual hot water.

For months now, it's been possible to take a shower with only the hot water on. So, I guess we won't be doing that from now on. I prefer not to be parboiled when I shower. Or wash my hands. Although the dishes is another story.

Years ago when I first moved into my home in NY, the hot and cold hookups under the house (it was a mobile home) were swapped. Imagine my surprise when I sat down on a very warm toilet seat. Woo-hoo, talk about sitting on the hot seat. Well, it didn't take long to get someone to fix that! Let's see... how many times do six people flush per day? Lots of hot water down the drain.

Of course, the lack of water was a wonderful excuse for not accomplishing any number of things like cleaning house, doing dishes, cooking dinner. Unfortunately, the water did come back on in time for me to cook dinner. Sigh. I was on such a roll, too. You would think that the repair guys could get it right and turn the water back on AFTER I come home from the restaurant. Nope.

Such is life. At least I'm not taking four minute showers like they have to in Australia. Not yet.

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  1. I like the idea of an early morning warm tush. Maybe I'll go plug in the heating pad and leave it on the seat overnight. Though if dh goes potty in the dark of night, I don't know that the police would look favorably upon his electrocution.

    I do happen to have warm water and cold. Only problem I see is having to run around in my shower to get wet. Bad water pressure.

  2. But look at the calories you use up!

  3. Of course it's not at all funny but the toliet thing made me laugh

  4. Glad I can still amuse my lovely friends.

  5. It was pretty funny later. I have an enormous collection of stories from the first year in that house. My friend called them cook's catastrophes and she kept track until she reache 350 at mid year. Then she said it was too depressing to continue. But the catastrophes continued until well into the next year. This was one of the amusing ones.

  6. Anny, had to add this. I was reading your blog to my dh and he said: "Can you imagine how much more your poop would stink in hot water?"

    Only a guy would say this...

  7. I have to once again point out you are both very odd