Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hello 2008

Hello, New Year! What do you suppose it is about the New Year that we find so hopeful? Why all the traditions attached to ushering in the New Year? I started a new tradition last night by sleeping in the New Year. I was simply too tired to stay awake and that's unusual for me as I'm normally up every night to write my blog.

Anyway, here I am, almost awake ten hours later. The sun was shining a few minutes ago when I crawled out of bed, but now the sky is dark so I suppose that's a portent of rain or snow. Suddenly the lights inside appear to shine brighter. And my windchimes are clanging as the wind picks up.

To me, the traditions always seems backwards. Instead of celebrating on the last day of the year, why not celebrate the first day of the year. Why has it turned into a football celebration by default? I have nothing against football as long as I don't have to watch it, but like that old Peggy Lee song..."Is that all there is?"

Of course, according to the Girl Scout rule--she who complains is in charge next time--its up to me to come up with some new traditions. As you might imagine, there were few complaints when I was in Girl Scouts!

1) Greet the dawn with a prayer for the new year. Two things--this would likely work best if the celebrant goes to bed early and prayer seems a more practical way to face the new year than getting drunk.

2) Empty out the pantry by donating all unopened foodstuffs to a food pantry. This would serve two ways: One, the food pantries are empty this time of year, and two, everyone would start those New Year diets without tempting stuff in the pantry.

3) Same for the closets. Donate those clothes you haven't worn in three years to someone who desperately needs them. Then when your diet is successful, you'll have room for the new clothes.

4) Begin a journal--online or with pen and ink. Next year on New Years Day take time to read the journal and note your progress--or lack of it. Either way, it's a concrete way to really understand where you've been and decide where you want to be. Note**! Some people call this a "blog"! So if you do a blog, you accomplish two things at once!

5) Make one new friend or reconnect with an old one. You can never have enough friends. This isn't an acquaintance you meet at the grocery story. This friend is someone you can talk over both good times and bad. Imagine what would happen if you made a new friend every year. You would never be alone unless you wanted to. And besides... what else are you doing today?

6) Go for a walk and appreciate God's handiwork. If we don't make some changes in our lifestyles this may be the best it ever is. Catch a glimpse of it while you can. Some people think this time of year is dreary, but I figure that this is the time of year you can really see the bare bones of creation without the fancy dressing of spring or summer.

7) Give thanks for the life you have. Waking up every day is a gift.


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  1. Happy new year! They sound like good resolutions...but my understanding is you are perfect so what's to change?

  2. I do I do!!! I have a new computer. Do you see it? I even have a totally pointless webcam built into the screen. And it's fast...holy cow fast. (no not a perky answer). Aint it perty?