Wednesday, January 9, 2008

This and That AND the Saga

I'm trying to convince the house hunk that he could be a spectacular admin-assistant. He's good on the phone. I could teach him to file. He already schedules all the doctor appointments. What else is there?

I need a secretary to file papers and update my notes. I think I must have four weeks worth of odds and ends to file, update, or throw away. Am I the only one with mounds of stickies? And receipts! I have piles of receipts and it's almost tax time.

I was going through my receipts and only now discovered that Borders doesn't list the book titles on your receipt. How am I going to claim that Kama Sutra book and deck of cards? Gee, sir, I, uh... Snort!

Today I am going to the hospital with my friend. While she visits with her house-mate, I will take a briefcase full of stuff and work on sorting it all out. I'll also take a couple pads of sticky notes to make notations on each item so my time is not completely wasted when I can't remember why something was in a particular pile. When I finish it, I'll feel virtuous for oh, six minutes and then I'll begin to fret over when I'm going to get to it once I'm back home. Sometimes it's easier to just leave it in a jumbled mess. By the time I've relocated it, I didn't need it anyway.

Speaking of Kama Sutra--I did use those cards in my writing. My editor just offered me a contract for my latest submission Kama Sutra Lovers.

I also used the Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures for my books Daffodil and Honeysuckle. I wonder if the IRS considers that a business expense? What if they have to read the books to check if I really used them. Hmmm. This could be a good thing. Readers are where you find them.

My cat is sitting on the desk with the front of her body plus paws holding down my left arm. It tends to make typing tough. I believe the message is, "Time for bed." So on that note...

Yesterday on the Saga, Amarinda left us here:

Emmeline looked at Zoltan. They wanted a male. “Oh yes, Zoltan by all mean let’s help them.” She watched as he was dragged to his feet.

“Emmeline, those diamonds belong to both of us.”

“Sorry what? I can’t hear you over the drums.”

And this is my offering:

The drums beat louder, then fell silent. The village women formed a circle around Emmeline and began to close in on her. Rapid realization dawned on Emmeline that Zoltan was not he only one in danger. She edged her peeler from the holster and pointed it first at one, then another of the women, spinning around to prevent them from jumping her from the rear.

Inexorably, they silently advanced. Just as they fell on her as a group, the drums began a wild rhythm and the men began to howl and dance.

A thundering boom shook the village huts as the gathering hut exploded into flames. The women broke away from Emmeline, pelting through the village into the rain forest. Emmeline sat up and stared at the chaos around her. The gathering hut, located in a huge clearing in the center of the village, miraculously burned to the ground without sparking any other fires.

Through the smoke, two men accompanied by a woman, strode up to Emmeline. The men grinned down at her while the woman glanced casually around to see if she could spot Zoltan.

“Well, warrior woman?” Rafe prodded with a laugh. “What happened to you?”

“I thought you could beat all comers,” jibed Shade. “You and the peeler were invincible.”

Emmeline smacked her forehead with her fist. “What on earth are you doing here?” she demanded coldly.

“We're just here for the diamonds,” Rinalda said, putting in her two cents. “So hand ‘em over.”


Don't forget to drop by Amarinda's blog for her take on Aussie life at and then hop over to see what Kelly's up to at And then of course, Blessings on your day!


  1. Can't agree that he is a good phone answerer as he hung up on me.

    I'd claim it all - what the hell. Might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb

  2. And I put receipts immediately in my writing file for later catagorization if needed. Usually not needed so long as you have dates and totals and can justify.

    I have great difficulty seeing you as a fretter. Doesn't compute.

  3. You can even claim magazines - it's all good, Anny!

    Congrats on the new contract!!!!

  4. At the moment, I have an envelope stuffed with hubby's travel receipts, which at some point in the next 3 weeks I will have to sort, note it on the expense sheet, and calculate everything. I've already done my pathetically small expense book, and if I play with the numbers just right, I might even break even, ha helps that I found out I have one more year to show a profit:)

  5. I have to make an appointment with someone to do my taxes. I wish I'd known all the info earlier. I have a shelf with reference books on Wolves, large cats, the Kama Sutra, reference books on werewolves, vampires and other things that go bump in the night. *sigh*

  6. Yes, that is a business expense. Good luck with the filing :-)

  7. Anny Congrats on the Kama Sutre Lovers.I spent the last two hours putting to bed Olivia (3.5y) and Madelyn (1.5). Somehow they managed to put me to sleep before they finally slept.