Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Sound of Silence

Funny how certain sounds trigger immediate responses. A siren in the night. The sound of rain on the roof. The wind howling through the trees. A baby crying. A woman sobbing. A child laughing. A man singing.

I occurred to me today that I don't describe sounds in my writing. Oh, the obvious ones maybe, but the extra little sounds that surround us... I don't mention them.

As I sit here at my desk, it's quiet. The house hunk has gone to bed. Yet, I can hear the hum of the computer. The tinkle of the tabletop fountain competes with the harsh rasp of the cat bathing herself. Outside the windchimes are clanging in the wind. In the kitchen the coffee maker is burbling. Overhead, my neighbors are moving around in their apartment.

Even in this quiet midnight hour, there are a host of noises all around me. Adding one or two of them to a scene would alter a picture that otherwise truly is silent. True silence is something that most of us never experience fortunately. In the rare moments when we have a hearing loss because of a medical problem we find it disorienting. So it is in my writing. That vacuum of sound that I fail to fill leaves me uncomfortable, not quite able to put my finger on the reason, but uneasy anyway.

So I must write with my five senses. Everyday I learn something new about writing. Today I learned that I need to add sound to my "movie". For without a sound track, all I have is a silent picture.


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  1. The sound of a train at night always seems such a lonely sound to me

  2. I use those little sounds in my writing when the h/h are "taking it all in", deep in thought, or waiting for time to march on.

    Saga. Must go write saga.

  3. I use sound at awkward moments to fill in the silence between the couple.

  4. Thought provoking as always Annie. Thank you.

  5. ooh, Anny, love the cat pic!