Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Very Best of...

Ahhhh, it's time for the very best of again! So sit back and enjoy!

The Best Ever Pirate Novel
The Windflower by Laura London (aka Tom and Sharon Curtis) Out of Print published in 1984

I checked this out on since it's out of print. Imagine my shock when I discovered that the mass market paperback (used) is going for $29.45-$51.33 plus $3.99 for postage. Original price was $3.44 and it's a thick book. Ah, to know that others understand the true value of The Windflower.

Sadly, Tom and Sharon Curtis retired not long after they won the Rita for another of their wonderful books. While I understand that we all have to make tough choices, their books were wonderful and I do miss them.

The Windflower was the first "pirate" novel I ever read and to this day, it's my favorite. The authors filled the book with incredible, interesting characters. One secondary character nearly stole the book and readers are still waiting for the authors to write a book for Cat. If you ever get a chance to read it, it's a treasure well worth the hunt.

I've had a total of six copies of this book. Whenever I loaned it out, it never came back. So the last time I invested, I determined that copy would not ever be loaned. Too bad as I took such pleasure in sharing the book.

The Best CD for Tough Times

Tough All Over by Gary Allan

Mr. Allan has been there and done that. A couple years ago he lost his wife to suicide. This album reflects the emotional climb back out of the pit. That's not to say that it's depressing, but it is honest. He's mad, sad, rowdy, contemplative, and stark.

If you're having a rough go-round with life, then sit a while and listen to Gary Allan sing about life. There's no where to go but up. When I think things are really rough, I sit and listen to this album and then I know that I haven't seen anything yet.

Best Cold Winter Treat

Home made cocoa and cinnamon oven toast.


1 teaspoon of powdered cocoa
3 teaspoons of sugar
stir together in a mug and then fill a little more than half way with boiling water.
stir until sugar is melted.
add evaporated milk until mug is full.
may be flavored with a candy cane as a stirrer.

Cinnamon Toast
Butter bread slices.
Sprinkle with mixture of cinnamon and sugar.
Toast in oven until sugar is bubbly.
Double Yum.


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  1. Never heard of The Windflower of these authors - I want to read it now. I also like kick arse-lived it tough songs. As for the recipe, lot of sugar in that and I'm sure you will agree I need know more as I am sweet enough...oh shut up I am.

  2. Mom used to make cinnamon toast for us like that before school on special days... or tough ones. Thanks for the memories.

  3. Still haven't located my Josh Groban CD. Did it migrate to your house?