Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Choices... choices...

When I found this picture, it put my diet struggles in an entirely different outlook. I could see myself saying, "Hmmm, the cow looks good today by it's sooooo fattening... maybe I'll try the salmon." Or the "chocolate ice cream looks good... maybe I'll have yogurt..."

I think it's going to be a while before I can look at food as food. Have you ever had that kind of epiphany? It rarely happens to me, especially regarding food.

Think I'll print out the photo and put it on my refrigerator. Maybe use it kind of like that "got milk?" advert.

We went to a restaurant after our bi-weekly laundry run. It was an upscale hamburger joint that's popular with families. Very noisy. I watched one family as they were seated. Mom sat down. Dad sat down. And then, sort of straggling along after them came three little kids. The youngest looked to be about three or four. The parents were paying absolutely no attention to the kids. Had no notion of where they were. I found it kind of scary. When we were seated in restaurants when we had kids...I was the last one to sit down because I was bringing up the rear flank.

Apparently my cam locks were delivered by UPS while we were out frolicking at the laundromat. The driver left them at our apartment complex office so if it's not raining today, I will walk down there and retrieve them. Then I'll come back and assemble my furniture!

Until tomorrow!



  1. Yeah on the furniture! That makes me happy for you. Oh lordy..I remember the days herding kids into restaurants. We were lucky ours were sickeningly well-behaved and stared aghast when other kids acted up. We so rarely go out for our "date nights" these days, we try for more adult restaurants. Now that the kids are practically grown, we're not used to the screaming stuff during meals.

  2. Sounds like an exciting day tomorrow...I have no idea what a cam lock is but enjoy

  3. Uh oh. I think you're going to have to run between the raindrops all week.

  4. That floors me. The only time I get to sit down before the kids is when hubby and I (gasp!) go out by ourselves. Sometimes you have to wonder what goes on in people's heads at times.

  5. wow, we go out to eat every Friday. My wife sits first, my son second and I settle in after. I never gave it much thought until I read this post, but that's the way we've done things since I son's been old enough to sit himself.

    Oddly enough, when I serve dinner at home, we follow the same pecking order.

  6. Wow. Straggling kids in restaurants annoy me. Not so much because of the kids but because of the parents. Sometimes they forget it's not an indoor romper room.

    So are you gonna take pics of the new furniture and post 'em?

  7. Enjoy the new furniture. I better post quick and short. My computer hadr drive is dead, and my laptop is so slow, it looks like it's about to die. fingers crossed.