Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lost days

So I spent a lot of yesterday cleaning up. We were expecting a furniture deliver--a couple of small bookcases--and of course, you have to have a place to put them. I ran around picking up, putting away, and since it was a nice day, opened the door and lit a couple of tart burners.

At 2 PM we received a canned phone message--
the delivery is delayed until today. So I started dinner, did some more straightening up and worked a little more on my research on Yule traditions for Undain's book.

All of which means that not much writing was done. Maybe a couple hundred words. Not much more than that. Talked to a lot of people on the phone. I can go for weeks on end without a phone conversation, and then boom! everyone will call on the same day. There are some people that you talk to whenever they call. My aunt called from Oklahoma. That's a call you take. The house hunk called. You guessed it... that is definitely a call that you take.

On top of that I woke up with a drippy nose and sore throat. I haven't been sick in about six years. Now, suddenly I have a spring cold. Ack! Noooooo. I may just get up in the morning, get dressed so I can answer the door when the delivery guys show up and go back to bed until they get here. Can you tell that I'm not a very good patient?

So until tomorrow!


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  1. Feel better soon...being sick sucks

  2. Definitely go back to bed so you're over it as quickly as possible.

  3. Hope you feel better:) Spring colds aren't fun.

  4. Just stick a bucket under your nose. oh yeah, and get better!

    Um, what's a tart burner??

  5. Dang, sorry to hear you're under the weather, Anny:(

  6. Pooh!!! Take good meds. Get better. Maybe you need to post a pic with a cat chasing it's tail. Some days are LIKE that. ACK. Hope you at least got some good research done. That WORK. You did something productive toward your WIP so it's all good, honey.