Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The sound of music...

So what do you think? Does music help you write?

Depending on what I'm working on, I find music can been quite annoying. Or quite inspiring. At the moment I'm working on a Christmas story so I'm listening to Josh Groban's Christmas Album.

When I'm looking for something to lift me into that triumphant state where the good guys beat the bad guys, I listen to the long composition from Chariots of Fire (25 mins long). That is EXCELLENT! Then there are various albums by Zamfir, Vangelis, Josh Groban... or if I want a somebody done some wrong song, then I haul out Gary Allan. That ol' boy is the most heart broken fella I've ever encountered. He also has some pretty good stuff if you just have on a good mad. For all of us who have had a tough day at the office--whether it's at home or out--his song "I just got back from Hell!" expresses the feelings pretty well.

I think it's interesting how music can help us set the mood when we're working. I don't generally work with music with actual words because I end up typing the words instead of my writing. But sometimes while I'm getting ready to write, I'll listen to that.

Some days I light the tart burners, adjust the lighting, open the doors... there are all sorts of mood altering things we can do to kick-start our mood. There are days it's just not happening. One day I was in such a funk that I took a shower, dressed like I was gonna go out, and went for a walk. It didn't help with the writing, but at least I wasn't in the house contemplating my navel... and for those of you who know me, that could be quite an undertaking.

There are things that can be quite a work stopper, too. Radio, TV, computer games, telephone calls, sirens, jackhammers, and the maintenance guys replacing the carpet in the apartment upstairs. I control the ones I can and deal with the rest--just because that's life.


Ah, the blogs... Amarinda dueling with Mervina the possum, Kelly packing like a demon, and over at OhGetAGrip we're talking about Tough Love... Blessings on your day.


  1. I can't handle the words when I'm trying to write. Usually stick with atmospheric, zen-like pinging and ponging stuff. I love that. The Chariots of Fire music sounds right up my alley, too. I'm gonna try that. I light candles, have semi-dim lighting, soft music and can usually "go to town".

  2. Popcorn and incense and I'm good to write

  3. I let the characters choose the background noise. Sometimes it amazes me. Disney musicals to write erotica...never would have guessed that one but it worked.

  4. Oh hell no. I write in a vacuum. Anything else distracts me.

  5. I once wrote some of my better work while listening to Prince's Purple Rain album. I used to write to hubby's 8-track (remember those?) of Hooked on Classics. And these days, I'm likely to have anything in the background from Kiddie TV (Wonder Pets, Dora, Diego) to whatever hubby's watching (Stargate SG-1, Drag Racing, Deadliest Catch). If I'm alone, I'll put in the CD of choice at the moment.

    I love the Vangellis theme to Chariots of Fire! I used to be able to play it on the piano...maybe I'll see if I can play it later, though our piano's out of tune, and my sheet music is in storage. I'll report back if I try it.

  6. Oof, not me. Complete silence. Earplugs.

  7. Good idea on Chariots of Fire. I flip around, sometimes no music, sometimes words, sometimes no words. When I want edgy I put on Lenard Cohen.