Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Chrysanthemum!

Last year on May 23rd a tongue-in-cheek version of King Arthur's court was released. And nothing was ever the same for me. Chrysanthemum was my first book released for sale. It's a pretty scary thing when you release your first baby...kind of like taking your kid to kindergarten. You worry if he or she will make friends or pee in their pants or say those naughty words they overheard when their father hammered his thumb.

Well, Chrys has survived her kindergarten year with pretty good grades. She made a few friends. Told a few jokes. And seems to happily be heading for first grade.

Chrysanthemum was one of those serendipitous accidents. I started off with a perfectly serious premise--historical trilogy about three sisters who go off to Camelot to find husbands. Somewhere in paragraph three something odd happened. My serious historical derailed and ran off into the woods, jumped a canyon, and headed down the Interstate. I never was able to steer it back to the tracks.

Around chapter two, I decided that it would be more fun to go along for the ride rather than fight it so I did. It was a rollicking, irreverent ride all the way. I made a few new friends... added some interesting information to my store of knowledge and had a few laughs. For those of you who've read Chrysanthemum, I hope you enjoyed it. For those of you who didn't, you don't know what your missing!

Helen--we had a blast!



  1. Having read your work I understand what you mean about that irreverent ride. This is the quirkiest, funniest, sexiest stuff in the world.

    Your baby's growing up. Happy Anniversary!

  2. I'm glad your characters took over your story. You were smart in letting them create their own world to give us delightful stories. I found a good lesson here. No matteer how much we try to organize or outline, we need to leave room for our muse to improvise. Thanks us, Anny.

  3. I mean Thanks, Anny. My fat fingers type too fast.

  4. Happy birthday:) You've survived your first year as a published author...go out and celebrate, take a deep breath and dive into Year #2...may it be as successful as your first!

  5. And her sisters are promising to do just as well. Congrats Anny, on a fine run indeed.


    Now, when am I gonna get Bishop again?

  6. Anny,

    I am so grateful that you decided to go along for that ride. I wouldn't miss one of your fun loving, histerical, mind boggling books for anything. Don't stop writing.

    You, a few other Authors and the chat group are the only thing that keeps me coming back to EC right now. So don't stop writing, but if you move, I will follow you. I don't want to miss out on any adventures.

  7. I know just what you mean about feeling nervous as your baby goes out there. Well, Chrys has done wonderfully and so have her sisters.