Saturday, May 17, 2008

Your Mechanic is a Pony

Some days are just like that, aren't they? That was one of my days yesterday. So I went back to bed and decided to start over today.

Earlier this week our furniture was delivered. Now when I say furniture, I'm just talking about three small bookcases...the kind that you can use like a hutch on your desk. One was for the house hunk's desk and the other two are mine. Now days most furniture comes in a tidy little box with all the parts so that the new owner can put it together. Right off the bat, the house hunk ran into trouble putting his case together as two cam locks broke.

Fortunately, we had another box to open...remove two cam locks and finish putting the case together. In the meantime, I called the furniture company and they're going to mail some extra cam locks to me. Then I'll get to put my cases together. Isn't that swell? I figure they'll arrive sometime next week.

I suppose if I have to be sick, this week was as good a week to be sick as any. Didn't really get much done. I wrote two and a half chapters on my new wip. I straightened up the living room. And I slept through the better part of two days. I was a good neighbor and shared my bug with my neighbor, Jane, even though we took great care not to visit each other personally, only talking on the phone. I guess this is one of those internet viruses they talk about. She would rather that I had demonstrated my selfishness by keeping my bug to myself.

With some of my "economic stimulus" money I bought the Dragon Naturally Speaking software for my computer. And immediately started coughing like I was going to hack up a lung. Then I spent a day sounding like Lauren Bacall. And now I sound like early Goldie Hawn with this high sqeaky voice. So until I sound like Anny again, I won't be trying out that new software. It would get way too confused if I did that. No telling what would end up on my computer.

The lady at BestBuy told me that Sony is getting ready to release a new version of the Sony reader. I'm kinda interested to see what they add/subtract to the reader this time. That's on my Christmas list this year if there are significant changes.

In the meantime, I decided to buy myself a Mother's Day present. I bought a bowed psaltery, complete with carrying case. It's very pretty and the perfect sized instrument for an apartment. I used to play the piano, but that sucker takes up too much room. Ditto the guitar, electronic keyboard, and accordion. I also ordered two ocarinas. One European and one Native American. Then I'll be set.

I suppose that I've babbled on long enough. Tomorrow is another day. Until then, Blessings on your day. Don't forget to stop by Amarinda's, Kelly's, and OhGetAGrip.



  1. Do tell - what is "Dragon Naturally Speaking" - what is that animal and why do you need it?

  2. Is the dragon going to play some of the instruments in your combo?