Saturday, December 6, 2008

All I want for Christmas

A few years ago, I was a college student. No, not that many years! My youngest child was fifteen and I had a son in the Navy. One day early in December while walking to my car after class, I stumbled and fell face down on the sidewalk. I remember the incredible pain.

After staggering back to my feet, another student urged me to go to the emergency clinic on campus as I was bleeding and my face was pretty badly scraped up. So off I went. The nurse cleaned me up and started chatting about making an appointment to see the dentist. That was the first hint that I had damaged more than some superficial scrapes on my face. I struggled up and went to the mirror.

What a mess.

Aside from hideous bruises and scrapes I had three chipped and ragged teeth (the front ones of course!) I called the dentist and went in immediately for an appointment. And discovered via the x-rays that I'd also cracked the bone just under my nose. My lips looked like something on Botox on speed.

My daughter was away at a boarding school. I called her that weekend and told her all about my adventures with the broken teeth. She sort of giggled after a bit and sang, "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth..."

Somehow, it wasn't so bad after that.



  1. Ow! I fall once a year on the ice around here. I had my fall yesterday, so I figure I'm good for the season.

    I remember once I fell on an extremely steep hill in Pittsburgh. I went ass over teakettle and landed among a bunch of teenagers who were walking up the hill to the projects. Most of them burst out laughing. One kid helped me up and helped me gather my belongings.

    I said to him, "Your mother raised you right."

    He just grinned and said, "I know. And I'm lucky."

    That took the sting out of a ripped coat, twisted ankle and scraped hands for sure.

  2. Enjoyed your list of things you learned while on vacation. I got behind in reading your blog as my life has been turn upside down.

  3. Ah, ANNY! That's so awful. No snow or ice here yet but I try to stay inside when it comes. Although I do have plenty of rear end padding for the occasional slips.