Friday, December 19, 2008

Making me blush...

Ray over at Cataromance reviewed Honeysuckle from my Flowers of Camelot series... "My goodness! This book was full of laughter and sexy great fun, I have to say it is the best funny, laugh out loud erotica I have read all year long! I had no problem delving into the story from the first page to the last." If you'd like to read the entire review, click on the link.

There's nothing like a complimentary review to make a girl perk up. Thank you so much, Ray! You made my day!

Other points of interest from yesterday... I had my annual boob squashing--otherwise known as a mammogram. In our area the new digital mammogram is available. The results go directly to a computer in less than a minute. Zoom! No more waiting around in those hokey gowns while they check the films.

I always find the entire process so weird. Fifteen women sitting around in icky pink gowns that don't quite close in the front, pretending that they don't know why everyone is there. Noooo conversation. Nooooo camaraderie. Yep, there's probably a couple of them who are there for follow-up tests and they're scared out of their gourds, but me--I'd probably be blabbing my head off, just because I was scared.

It reminds me of the time that the house hunk went for his second vasectomy (no, I'm not gonna explain that one). I was fourteen months pregnant with our fourth surprise! child and because my babysitter had the measles I had the three other children with me in the waiting room. It was a huge room with zillions of couches and fish tanks and there was one woman on each couch, and each one was very pointedly acting like they had noooo idea why everyone else was there. Hello! It was a vasectomy clinic! That's all that those folks did there.

Anyway, one woman finally rustled up the courage or foolhardiness to ask me why I'd waited until number four???

"Oh, we didn't. The last one didn't work."

In exactly three seconds, every woman in there was crowded around me wanting to know the real low down on the procedure.

One guy came out to collect his significant other, looked around at the babbling group of women and demanded rather testily, "Whatch'all doin'? Having a party?"

I have to admit that the gabbing made the time pass a lot faster. Well, that's about as exciting as it got. Maybe today, I'll actually get back to writing after my flu hiatus. It would be good if I finished that last little bit before next year. Yeah, it would.



  1. Every woman should have a mammogram on a regular basis. I was one of those women called back for more tests this year. I realize how lucky I was and sometimes a scare can pull you into line. If you are reading this and not had a mammogram - then do it. Save your life

  2. Yep, I hate it but go anyway. In the new lab that was just added this year there isn't a waiting room once you're in your gown. We now sit alone in little cubicles like a bunch of veal calfs awaiting slaughter.

  3. They should put out a pitcher of mimosas and put on some groovy dance music or something. Just to loosen you all up.

  4. For me it's mammogram and ultra-sound, every six months, but I take a book with me and like the women in Anny's clinic, I try to ignore the rest of the world.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas. I will be busy up to my ears with the kids and their families and a few friends coming on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and four little ones around for ten days. Fun, adorable and exhausting.

  5. Uggh. The procedure is life-saving, but wouldn't it be nice if they didn't feel the need to treat you like a piece of meat during the process?

  6. UGGGG is right. I hate the 'boob squashing' thing!

  7. wow! what a scene! I guess I should go for one too. I never had any!

    Anny Its REALLY James birthday today!

  8. My doctor doesn't wait for me to remember my mammogram. She sends me the orders in the mail every two years like clockwork.