Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Let the Christmas Season Begin!

At our house the Christmas Season officially begins on December 2. Why is that, you ask? Well, my son's birthday is on the first. When he was small, he pointed out that his birthday got lost in the shuffle because of Christmas. So we officially declared that the Christmas rush couldn't begin until the second.

Over the years, this worked out very well. As commercial establishments decorated earlier and earlier every year, our family had an established traditional beginning of the season. On December second--most years--our tree was set up and we began decorating. By the end of a week, we were finished with that process and began on the Christmas cards. Every tradition had a set time and place.

I admit that I haven't set up the tree the last few years, but then, we aren't usually home for Christmas. I think I might set it up this year as we have a new, smaller tree. It would be nice to have a tree to cheer us up. It will still require some rearranging of furniture, but I think it will be worth it.

When there are only two of you, there are certain traditions that, um, are perhaps best bypassed. You know the ones... baking cookies and making fudge. I can't imagine why I bake six dozen cookies but only have two dozen to take to my daughter's house. Now the fudge--well last time I made it, there were only six pieces left. And I swear that I didn't eat it, but I won't make any comments about the house hunk.

As for Christmas cards, well I usually do a Christmas story instead of a card. Since I receive a lot of positive feedback, it seems that has become a tradition, too. I haven't decided what to write about this year. If anyone has an idea, speak up.

Our other tradition is the addition of a new ornament each year for the children. As all my children are adults now, this tradition moved on to the grandchildren. The house hunk and I chose ornaments for this year while on our vacation. So the ornaments are from far away states and that will add extra meaning to them.

What are your traditions? When do you decorate? Do you do something special for those around you to reflect the season? Speak up and share your traditions! Perhaps you'll give us all some new ideas.



  1. We do the ornament thing too. I started it when my first nephew was born 26 years ago. Each year they get an ornament that is somehow significant for the year or for them. in 2001 they received ornaments with the American flag and an eagle because of 9/11.

    I also add one to our tree each year. I added a froggie last year when I became a Froggie in H's pond. This year the ornament is for our family and Smudgie has his first ornament on the tiny tree already.

    I hope your family has a great time this year.

  2. Nope - no tradition or decorations...just pleased to have the day off

  3. We don't have a set time for decorating, but it is ALWAYS in December. I still prefer a real tree--they smell better. I'm very much a packrat regarding ornaments, and have many that I started collecting as a child, and now I have all the big ones from my parents as my dad and brother do a much smaller tree. A couple fromt he dh's grandparents, plus ones for the kids, most years at least. My small living room will get even smaller, probably this weekend.

  4. Gads, Anny...If we followed that criteria, our Christmas season wouldn't start until the 20th! I used to resent the fact that my parents only left the tree up for 2 weeks, but that was because it was a real one. I use a fake one, and can now enjoy it the entire month. This year we put the LED snowflake and pine cone lights on the tree, and it is sooooo pretty!

    How about a special Mystic Valley Christmas story?

    Hahahaha...WV is 'they eat'! Yup...the reason I have to make so many cookies. If I'm not snacking on the dough, the kids eat them after school.

  5. The last few years have kind of kicked our tradition in the butt. We used to go to one family's home the night before and have our private family gathering the next morning with stockings. The following year it would be the other family. Presents opened one at a time from youngest to oldest.

    This year we are taking red and green table cloths to cut out and frame a false Christmas tree. Then the girls and I will make paper ornaments to "hang" on it with our presents laid out on the table beneath. I'll snap a pic and post when it's up. And though our kids know Santa isn't real, there is always a gift for everyone beneath the tree labeled from him.

  6. Normally the tree is UP two days after Thanksgiving but not this year. Had to have a housecleaning bunch come in so I had to put the tree off. My husband has a little tradition of grabbing the camera and taking pics of my BUTT as I'm bent over the tree doing stuff. UGG. Should I smack him for that? Yes, I SHOULD. I always play Christmas music while decorating.

    Don't make all the gobs of fudge and cookies as I did when the kids were little and my butt simply can't stand any more inches added to it. I also add a new ornament or two every year.

  7. I used to have a Santa face night light I slapped in the wall and declared the house decorated. I wonder what happened to it.

  8. Hmmm. I have an angel night light. Does that count?

  9. Anny & Gang,

    When I was growing up the only Records my parents had were Christmas Music. So my Mom would break them out in Mid October two weeks before my Birthday. I always thought that My Birthday, Halloween and Thanksgiving were just the lead up to Christmas.

    When I was 18 My Mom started to have all of my brother's kids spend the night on Thanksgiving night so their parents could go Christmas Shopping the next day. They would help us put up the trees (3) and decorate outside. Listening to Christmas Music the whole time.

    After 18 years of this, my brother was divorced last year. We still haven't decorated. We think we will decorate this weekend. Maybe. It's just not the same. I guess we will have to make a new tradition.

  10. We have a tradition to not put up a tree at Christmas