Friday, December 5, 2008

Banana Pudding and Fudge

From October through December it seems to be one long food fest. Cooking, baking, eating... food, food, food. It's no wonder that by the time January arrives I'm not interested in looking at food. I don't want to smell it. I don't want to taste it. I reallllly don't want to deal with storing it.

But I'll admit to enjoying a limited number of items at any time of the year. They may be seasonal--or not. But whenever I encounter them, it's a absolute guarantee that I'll have at least one serving.

Banana pudding is... special. I do what I can to make it less of a caloric and fat fest. I use fat free milk and sugar free/fat free pudding. And I use a lot less cookies than the recipes call for. After that, I just close my eyes and enjoy. Some things just have to be tasted and savored. Banana pudding is one of those things.

Homemade fudge is another. Now when I'm talking about homemade, I mean something that the house hunk made or something my mom made. I'm not talking about that dried out, rock hard stuff sold in stores and labeled "homemade". The house hunk's fudge is soft and creamy and... well never mind. Just use your imagination.

Then there are the honey-oatmeal yeast rolls. Of course they have to be fresh out of the oven, piping hot. The whole apartment smells like yeast bread. Yummmmm.

And what do you serve with piping hot yeast rolls? Butter (yes, real butter) and pumpkin butter. Apple butter will do in a pinch, but pumpkin butter is better. Serve the rolls with fresh coffee. Fabulous.

What is your absolute must have food?



  1. LOVE yeast rolls:) And homemade bread, chocolate fudge, and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, right out of the oven. Yummmm....

  2. Chili in the wintertime (made in the crockpot) and BLTs in the summertime (when the tomatoes are ripe) with corn on the cob. And yes, you must have butter with any homemade bread. That is the purpose of bread: a carrier for butter.

  3. Homemade bread with real butter (freshly baked and still warm), ice cream (any flavor), great Tex-Mex and FUDGE...chocolate, maple or vanilla (with or without nuts). Yummmmm.