Sunday, December 28, 2008

Road Wars...

Blessed are the idiots who insist on driving 12 mph under the speed limit--in the fast lane. They no doubt need the blessing to deal with their fear of driving.

Blessed are the alpha males and females who insist on surfing from lane to lane, zipping in and out like they're on speed. May you arrive at your destination without killing innocent strangers.

Blessed are the fools who drive 80 mph in fog so thick the visibility factor is down to less than a quarter mile. If you shoot off the road, no one will ever know until your family finally reports you missing--sometime in August.

Blessed are the crazy ones who believe they can stop in time if necessary... they tailgate in 70 mph traffic. A few of them found out they were wrong--we passed the six car pile-up on the way home. Fortunately, as far as I could tell from a quick glance, nobody died.

Blessed are the sleepy ones who try to drive "straight through" for twenty hours without stopping. Let us hope they don't kill anyone when they finally fall asleep at the wheel.

Blessed are the packrats who insist on taking so much junk with them on the trip that they can't possibly see through any window in the car... let us hope they're very proficient with mirrors and have a couple navigators--but I doubt it. I was nearly wiped out by a couple of them.

We arrived safely home. Yep. As with most winter holiday driving experiences, we encountered fog, rain, snow, ice, and the usual contingent of crazy drivers. But we also met many lovely fellow travelers when we stopped at restaurants, gas stations, and rest areas. My prayers are with them on the road.

I hope all of my readers had wonderful restful, peaceful holidays!



  1. I also like those ones who overtake you to sit bang in front of you so you have to hit the brakes to avoid hitting them...wankers

  2. You could not PAY me to drive anywhere during the holidays. It's crazy out there. I never knew I was capable of road rage but I swear I often feel it driving with some of the nut jobs out there. Glad you arrived there and home again safely.

  3. Blessed are the awesome people who can look past their irritation to make light of the situation. You are a rare bird, Ms. Cook. :)

  4. Kelly says I am the first kind. I am glad you made it safely home.

    BTW... thanks for the prayers things are better at Kelly's job. Keep them coming.

  5. That was great, Anny. Glad you are home safe and sound.