Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pirates strike again!

Well, no matter what we do, the thieves are always with us. Satin2087 posted all of my books for free download on her account on demonoid.com... sigh. Check out http://www.demonoid.com/files/details/1739979/6976998

As usual, I reported it and wrote a note to the admins at Demonoid. I'm still not sure how people can justify doing something like this. What is it about creative product that makes people believe it's just there for the taking? Would those same people steal a book from their local Target or Wal-Mart?


What do y'all think? Is there any way to justify book/music/movie piracy?



  1. People are wamkers who think only about themselves...can't do anything about the ignorant

  2. I actually cannot view the link from work because it is a file transfer site. There is no way to justify piracy...

  3. Hey, Anny -- there's a new group set up for authors who want to fight piracy, so we can share info and links and sites (and thus send info on to publishers). A few publishers are on the list. Let me know if you want to join up.

    It's annoying as hell, isn't it? Not to mention illegal ....

  4. You'd think after all the trouble the Napster people got into that people would be smarter. Arrrgh, indeed.