Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Croc Hunting

I haven't quite figured out why Crocs stir up so much fury. I find mine incredibly comfortable. And the bonus is that my podiatrist informed me that they were the perfect shoe for diabetics.

But I've noticed that some people despise them with a passion. I just can't think of a reason for that. They're shoes. They're comfortable. And if someone doesn't want to wear them, then that's their loss.

The house hunk was looking for a pair of slippers. After a while he decided to try a pair of Crocs. Black, of course, because he's not really into colors. He's a pretty conservative guy. And his are Mammoths--Crocs with a furry lining. Well, he loves them.

So love 'em. Or hate 'em. Just don't tell me about how they're not really shoes. Because according to my doctor, they're the real deal.

Besides. Where else can you get shoes in frog green, grape purple, and bubblegum pink?



  1. You think people would find bigger things to get bent about in this world than somebody else's footwear. Wear what works for you!

  2. I have two pairs; black clogs I wear down to the shower or if I don't feel like wearing my tennis shoes, and a pair of red sandals. The sandals are wonderful to wear to the public pool...easy to slip on and off, and if I have to jump in while wearing them, they dry pretty fast!

  3. I've never actually even tried a pair on. They do come in cool colors though. Maybe I should look into getting a pair...

  4. I don't have any but I think they're pretty cool:)

  5. I've never tried them, but I have friends who swear they're wonderful. I do have rubber croc-material flip flops, two pair. Love those!

  6. I just added a rugged pair with leaves on them. Of course I added a butterfly charm. I have bunions and they're the only shoes that don't hurt so I really don't care what comments I hear when I'm wearing them. I grew up wearing green suede earthshoes so I'm used to it.