Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wearing 'em down

"The squeaky wheel gets the grease." Maybe. Possibly. Depending. It's a delicate balancing act. Too much squeaking and the attention you receive is allll bad. Seriously. Instead of greasing the wheel, the target just tosses it out.

It's been a really bad few days for several members of a group I'm affiliated with. Really bad. And there is the tendency to scream and cry and maybe drum the heels. But ultimately, that most likely won't help matters much.

Timing is everything and at this moment, the timing just sucks hairy eyeballs. I've been down this bad timing road before. One small delay stretched out to a delay of months. And when that delay is attached to income, it can be deadly in this economy.

Still... I have to believe that all things happen for a reason--that there are no detours, only alternate routes. Sometimes it seems that the alternate route is a particularly unlovely, barren road, but then we don't always see that the original route had a broken bridge or an avalanche covering it. Sometimes we just have to take the alternate route on faith.

Oh, I don't expect we will finish that route without some squeaking along the way, but really, what other options are there? And how do we know those options are any better?

So squeak if you must, but keep rolling. It's the only way to reach the end.



  1. You know my thoughts on this Anny - you will prevail. I do not doubt that for a second. And, I don't agree it's a squeaky wheel thing...it's just life and it happens when you leats expect it.

  2. I agree, Anny. Things happen for a reason.

  3. Your encouragment to others goes a long way. May it return to you ten-fold.

  4. Trying to find my alternate route - it's hard when you don't have the answers to your questions....
    I hope the way will be clear soon - for so many people!

  5. Well said. And may your new route prosper.

  6. Yeah, life happens and we have to be strong and adaptable enough to adjust. You'll get there.

  7. You're absolutely right. Everything happens for a reason and what seems negative in the beginning many times becomes a positive in the end. Thanks Anny.
    Tessie Bradford