Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The plot thickens...

Sounds like the plot for a paranormal... Do you get the feeling that we're reaching a bit far? If one vampire is good, then let's have two or three. If werewolves and weretigers are fabulous, why not weresheep and wererabbits?

Now books with demons, angels, every type of shifter, faeries, elves, gnomes, dragons, witches are the norm rather than the twist. Actually, in more than one book I've read, the human character is the weird one. When did we turn into the bad guys? Why are we no longer the desirable love interest? Why are we not good enough for the hero or heroine unless we have a special talent?

In our rush for the ever more exotic character, ordinary men and women are discarded, thrust aside and left behind except for those instances when we need a villain. Then--then we're good enough. It strikes me as odd that we are powerful enough to be villains when our original position was just the opposite.

In the early days of paranormal the weres and vamps were the bad guys with the humans triumphing over them after overcoming huge obstacles. Now the roles are reversed. Interesting.

Where will we go from here?



  1. Oh, Anny! Love the pic! I have no idea where I started adoring vamps and weres...a woman my age should know better! LOL!

  2. P S...In the books I have enjoyed, humans are definitely not the bad guys. And I still adore a human-human story as much as a shape-shifter-vamp story any day! :P

  3. Did you ever read Bunnicula by James Howe?

    Now THERE'S a vampire bunny! And long before these sparkly guys came along!

  4. Bunnicula is a riot! What a great book.

    But I am soooo tired of vamps and weres, personally. They do not do anything for me, and I don't really see the attraction, whether they are neutered and have their wings clipped like the one in Twilight, or are the Big Bad (as Buffy would say).

    I hardly ever buy from Ellora's Cave any more because it seems like all the books are vamps and weres. Give me characters and stories I can identify with, at least a little bit, so I can at least *pretend* the fantasy could really happen.

  5. Love the post and adore the photo! Awwww, Tommy Lee Jones! Yeah, I can't deal with all good vampires. I like 'em evil in a can't stay away from them kind of way.

  6. I don't know. I like my oddball paranormal guys, but humans can be cool too.

    LOVE Tommy Lee!

  7. LOOOOVE Tommy Lee's pic! So funny. I love a good paranormal but I also want a good contemporary. There's room for both, I think.

  8. I think there's room for all sorts of heroes. Paranormal can become boring, any genre can become boring if the writer doesn't make an effort to keep it fresh.