Monday, July 20, 2009

The check is in the mail...

I'm thinking of changing my mail service. I've reached the inescapable conclusion that the only way I'll receive my royalty check within a reasonable time period is if I go with a private mail carrier. My publisher assures me that they mail the check out in a timely manner so the fault must lie with the United States Post Office. I believe they may have returned to the old Pony Express service.

Otherwise, it wouldn't take eleven days for my check to travel across a distance that I could cover in seven hours in a car. So USPS, you're out. Tomorrow I'll take out a contract with the Hogwarts Post Office, because goodness knows, I worry that the future postal services will only deteriorate. I figure at the current rate, it will soon take more than a month for the check to make the same distance.

Hogwarts, here I come.



  1. Oh, wow, you don't wanna do that. Owls are MEAN!

  2. I recommend a possum as they seem to get everywhere

  3. And for the first time EVER mine came on time. What's completely bizarre about that is, I changed my physical address to another state PRIOR to the first of the month and received notification that it had been updated by the PTB. And having discussed the issue with my PO office, they informed me any forwarded mail would require an additional 7-8 days. Yet, though my check was sent to Tennessee, and forwarded, I received my check at my new address in Indiana two days after the final print date of our royalties.

    Considering that my check is always more than two weeks late to the former location, I'm wondering how this was possible. Unless they decided to print and send my check before I ever notified them of the change and it had time to go to the wrong place, forward and reach me at my new address.

    I'm baffled by the logic of the sender.

  4. The blankety-blank company I briefly worked for overnighted a PERSONAL check to my manager, who deposited it in his g/f's account. Because it was a personal check, and not a payroll one (and not on a bank in this town), there is now a HOLD on the funds until tomorrow. Payday will now be 2 weeks late...Both be and I are NEVER working for this company again.

  5. Ours does pretty well. I've only had a late check once when it comes to royalties.

    Cindy's right, owls are mean. I personally recommend pigeons.

  6. In my case, I figured the pony express would get me my check way faster. My other thought was that they'd superglued my check to the back of a sea turtle and sent him off...Took him over a month to bring my check!