Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Can somebody please tell me why I am supposed to be interested in the dating/marriage/divorces of total strangers? Why is the public inundated with the mating habits of a bunch of people with more money than sense?

Half of the headlines on the internet news are about so-and-so breaking up with whatchamacallit. Why would I care? In a culture where couples swap mates like the rest of us change underwear, what is there to be excited about? In all cases I feel very sorry for any children affected, but the adults? No... I'm just sad that another man or woman has demonstrated a lack of commitment.

Wars are going on. People are dying from malnutrition. Important legislation is under consideration in our country. And all of that pales next to the story of Jon and Kate. Pathetic.



  1. Ah, see now Anny, it's the head in the sand approach. We don't want to deal with the ugly stuff. We prefer to gossip about the trivial stuff as it hurts less.

  2. Yep. You are likely right on target. Sigh. I wish you weren't.

  3. I have to shake my head over most of this too! Who cares about these self-centered people? We had real news before the powers that be decided that it was okay for one corporation to have its fingers in every form of the media--no conflict there.

  4. Definitely. Talking about somebody's Hollywood three-week wonder marriage is so much easier than facing the rest of the news.

  5. Best explanation I can think of. That, and a lot of people are just plain silly.